Friday, July 26, 2013

Dreaming and Paint Party Friday!

always one of my favorite things to do!

I recently had the chance to put a show together 
and I decided this piece was to be my 
inspiration piece for the whole show.
Interestingly enough, it was not finished at the time.  
If you remember, I've been working on this and showing bits 
and pieces of this for quite some time... 
unfinished as it was.
I've sold cards and prints, even had offers for the painting.  
But deep down inside, like only an artist knows, it wasn't yet 
time for us to part ways.  
Something told me I still had work to do!
This is the way it's looked for a little over a year. 
I loved it...
but still wanted it to say more.
So while planning the show, it made perfect sense 
to end with and
build the show around this painting.   
The name of my show is called "Evolution of a Dream", and it
takes the viewer along a 5 year journey from 
fear and hopelessness to strength, freedom
and a place where dreams really do come true.
I thought long and hard while working on this,
about the road I have traveled and all of the things
I've learned.  The show came together easily as my work
always reflected my life at the time.  
The difficult thing was choosing
only 32 pieces to show!  
{Which I will show another time}
As I looked at the pieces and thought about myself,
I knew exactly what this one needed to be finished.
In just the way my life has been filled with layer after layer
of experiences, people, places and things... all coming together to make a beautiful life,
this painting needed that too!
Surrounded by my favorite tools, I began adding all of 
the things it needed to "become real".  
All of the marks, words, thoughts, prayers,
music, colors and dreams... 
running through my own head...
all onto this canvas.
And then, as quickly as I began, I was finished.
The painting was ready...
the show was ready...
and I was ready!
Ready to move on, leave the past behind,
and begin a new chapter...
filled with love, life,
and lots of dreams.
BIG dreams!
I'm linking up today with an extraordinary group of artists
belonging to Paint Party Friday!  Stop over, click on
their links, and see some amazing works of art!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hopscotch Playland

As an artist, I dream of someday having 
an agent represent my work internationally.  So when I heard of a design contest
sponsored  by one of the industries top agents, Lilla Rogers...
I just had to give it a try!
Through the process, I created a dream-like playground
filled with magical chalk drawings and hopscotch!
It's called,
Hopscotch Memories.
I've always loved good design and mixing traditional elements
right along side of whimsical styles.
Bright colors and textures are also a must 
for anything I create.  Below is an original pattern created
in my studio from acrylic paint and a hand made foam stamp.
This became my color palette!
To get started, I created "inspiration boards" in photoshop
filled with fun, whimsical elements I might want 
to use in my journal cover design.
I also played with patterns and colors...
putting things together that I normally wouldn't think of...
this really gets the creative juices flowing
and helps you think outside the box!
I  doodled freely on my Wacom drawing pad...
sketched quickly,
and just let my mind wander back to memories of childhood, 
and playing in the park.
And then finally, after freeing my mind, 
I began reeling it back in again...
using proper principles and elements of design.
My main theme became hopscotch and side walk chalk, but the 
circular shape and design of the merry-go-round became round medallions, 
and I repeated them often.
The "setting" for my contest entry is a 
dream like playground where the imaginary comes to life.
Naturally, I started with a little girl playing hopscotch. But suddenly and
quite accidentally, she discovers the unlimited fun and friends
she can create with her chalk!  Before she knows it,
she's enthralled in her imaginary land filled with 
friends, flowers, hopscotch and
melting ice cream! Bright colors
flow everywhere... chalk friends become best friends 
and merry go rounds become medallions in the sky.
I ultimately chose and developed the design
at the top of this post, but can't help but be
excited to develop an entire line of Hopscotch Memories*!
My biggest hope with my design is to "inspire the journal lover
to be whisked off into a magical world of their own...
filling the pages with hopes, dreams and possibilities!"
Thanks for reading...

*as always, copyright applies!
Renee Mak 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

New Class Listing! Sign up Now...

Located at:
216 S 2nd Street, Clinton, Iowa 52732
(563) 484-0392

Class Dates...

Here is a sample of the canvas we'll be creating.  This one
measures 6" x 6" but we'll be doubling that
for the class!

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