Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Process and Paint Party Friday!

Happy Friday!  After what seems like and eternity, I'm once
again linking up with the fabulous group of
artists over at Paint Party Friday!   

I  discovered long ago that the process
is what's so amazing about painting.

All of it... together.  It's the choosing of the palette.
The choice of tools. And the blurred idea 
of what the outcome may be.

Changing directions during the process
is part of it... although that's sometimes very

Even in a small mixed media collage project,  in preparation 
for a larger painting, the end result is often nothing 
like the painting began...

 which is part of what makes
the process so amazing!

Although this painting is not finished, the process 
has taken me far from how it began.

Here are some amazing links to see more posts about the process!

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