Monday, February 4, 2013

PinTERest INteRest

Ahhh.... Pinterest.
An absolutely wonderful, completely virtual, 
pictorial land of visual enticements.
Eye candy, if you will, that not only
offers pictures that you can 
store on your own profile page for future viewing,
but also the original source just in case
you need more information.
And as an artist and lover of life, it's 
just plain fun!
One can, and I do, be lost for hours when on Pinterest.
Each Monday I plan on showing some of my
favorites from pinterest... and maybe they'll
become your favorites, too!
This is a snapshot of my desktop...
with one of my boards open on my browser simply 
called Art Love.
The picture I enlarged to the right is from 
a fabulous website called Street Art Utopia that features graffiti art from 
all over the world.  This one is by 
NOE TWO~ a graffiti artist from Paris, France!
I love the colors!   And the hair.
I also found this fabulous digitally created image!
It was created as a commission by artist
Sergio Albiac for Adobe CS6.  He's truly amazing!
You can check out these and many more 
interesting works of art and their links at 
Happy pinning and as always...
happy creating!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dreamy Sundays!

What's on your desktop today?

Because Sunday is one of my most favorite days
I took some time to play on my doodle pad
with a photo of some of my favorite 
{the center one is the original shot}
Not quite sure how it will come out
but this is my work in progress...
hope you like it!

Have a super day!

P.s... To enter to win an 8" x 10" heart print, leave a snapshot or description of what's on your desktop in a comment below. Doesn't matter what it is, just keep it nice... it's Sunday, after all!  
Three winners will be chosen!!!

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