Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Chatter~ Cup Cake Parade

Ocean Blue and the Cup Cake Parade
by LolaBird
Ride the wave
the wave of blue
but leave your footprints 
in the sand.
Follow the clouds, follow thru
stay true to your heart,
it knows what to do.
Flow with the pink,
sharp and brite
but leave out the glitter
for your Friday nite.
Use it freely...
without care,
sprinkle a trail on the back stair
so you can find your way home,
in case you're alone.
The cup cake parade might shock you a bit...
but don't worry
keep the candles lit
the frosting and glitter will make you smile
and forget your troubles...
just for a while.

{All artwork protected under copyright laws and
remain the sole property of artist Renee Mak 2012}

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