Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Digital Art

Digital art is so interesting to me lately... and so I've been
learning a few simple techniques
 and creating simple designs!

All feature my original artwork and photos 
I've taken with my camera... the vintage photos
 are my family.
Some, like the one above, will be used for 
greeting cards.

Others have doodles I created on my Bamboo drawing pad.

This scripture above is Psalm 23...

I had lots of fun taking pictures of wild flowers and 
then using them!
So... what do you think?  Have you experimented 
with your images and created original digital art?
Let me know!  And in the mean time...
happy painting!!!


  1. Those are beautiful! I haven't tried digital art, but may have to. :-)

  2. Thanks Joyce! I'm still learning but enjoying every step of the way! xoxo


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