Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Flowers!

Happy May 2012!
  One of my favorite things
about the month of May is the appearance of 
colorful flowers in gardens everywhere!
One day last week when I was getting ready,
 I had a vision of 
colorful flowers of my own!
So using my own artist papers, I carefully
created my garden!
One by one they began to bloom!
I'm  now so inspired by them that I'm also
putting them on cards, journals and anything
else I can think of!
Have a super fabulous day!!!


  1. beautiful.......i might bowwer this idea...i have so many painted pages...;-)

  2. ha ha ....i mean "borrow"......

    1. For sure you should! It was so much fun! Xoxo

  3. Very pretty!! I love flowers whether in the garden or on canvas! These are my kind of flowers! Great job!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Love your "spring" flowers.
    Such a clever idea, you are so talented. :]
    The cards are fantastic!!
    Thank you for sharing, your wonderful talents. ((hugs))


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