Friday, May 25, 2012

Paint Party Friday!!!

Celebrating my daughter... Monet.
For today's Paint Party Friday post I'm privileged to
share a fabulous work in progress by my oldest daughter
Monet and a little but about her!  
Monet is a self taught painter and is currently a student of life... 
studying fashion design at FIDM in L.A.
She surprised us all by flying in for my son's graduation
after telling us she couldn't make it!
She's one of my top three favorite people in the world and never
ceases to amaze me with her talents and ability to
make the world  break into a colorful song and dance
everywhere she goes!
Although her visit was too short, we did as many of 
our favorite things as we could.
One of which is always finding a new place
to eat lunch and try new foods. 
We also discovered the
cutest little boutique in downtown Des Moines
owned by a former FIDM student... which Monet
knew from L.A!  It's called Mint L.A. Boutique, so click
on the link and check it out!
And lastly, we spent some time painting together in the studio!
This time, instead of starting a stretched canvas that would 
have to be shipped, we tacked primed canvas to the
wall so she could just roll it up and take it back with her.
She immediately began putting paint on the
canvas...using her usual colors and style.  Confidently
she added layer upon layer....
...allowing her passion to freely flow out onto the canvas!
I love the freedom in which she paints...
her "painterly" stokes and the way she layers her colors!
While she got off to a great start, I look forward to seeing
how she finishes this piece!
Maybe the next time I visit her in L.A. it will be hanging
in the wall!
I'm also linking up with
the fabulous ladies at 
Paint yourself HAPPY!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's on my work desk Wednesday!

What's on my work desk today?  
Oh soooooo much! 
But what I'll share is one of my favorite current projects!
It involves up~cycled cardboard from Starbucks and the Valley Junction
  Cinco de Mayo Festival... and my collaged flowers.
I love making spiral bound journals filled with all
kinds of fabulous papers designed to get 
the creative juices flowing!  But the other day
I needed one filled with just plain white paper for my own
creative brainstorming.
And so I thought,
"...if I need one, maybe I should make a few in case
someone else wants one!"
I really like texture so I peeled off the smooth cardboard
and exposed the fabulous center!  Then I  began
collaging colorful flowers using my own art papers...
and my flower garden grew and grew...
and grew!!!
My next step is to finish them by adding the paper
and the spiral top!
I'll get them into my Etsy shop as soon as I get them done!
Have a great week!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Friday Bloggers!

Happy Friday Bloggers!
Last week came and went without me even knowing
what day it was!  
With the start of the fabulous Valley Junction
Farmer's Market on Thursday nights and the planning
of my son's graduation party... I missed Paint
Party Friday... But not today!
So this week I went back to my love of nature, music
and collage.  I've done very large mixed media collage
paintings with this little page of music from an old hymnal...
but today it finds it's home on two
hand made bird houses!
I simply began by tearing the paper and applying
it with a glue medium.  I imagine two little love birds
moving in and starting a family here!
Wouldn't it be great if our houses could be infused with
music the way these are!

For my next step I add white and some marks...
 As sweet as the white looks, I always go for color...
lots of color!  Stenciled dots...
and flowers...
and bright fluorescent pink and green!
And then I added the pink and green to the other house!
So here these two little houses sit... drying...
waiting for the next step.  I wonder what colors
and textures I might apply tomorrow!
Feel free to share your ideas below...
and until next time,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Flowers!

Happy May 2012!
  One of my favorite things
about the month of May is the appearance of 
colorful flowers in gardens everywhere!
One day last week when I was getting ready,
 I had a vision of 
colorful flowers of my own!
So using my own artist papers, I carefully
created my garden!
One by one they began to bloom!
I'm  now so inspired by them that I'm also
putting them on cards, journals and anything
else I can think of!
Have a super fabulous day!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dreamy Sundays!

April showers brought May flowers to Starbucks!
Have a happy day and don't forget to
slow down and smell the roses!
Or any flowers that come into view...

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