Friday, April 27, 2012

Paint Party Friday!

It's the end of the week already... I guess what they say is true....
"my how time flies when you're having fun"!
I'd like to share three little somethings I had tons of fun creating!
They are three "fussed up" canvases ( 12" x 12") that I began months
ago but didn't quite know how to finish.  But last week,
when I should have been doing something else, it hit me!
They needed some bling!
Vintage bling to be more exact!  The piece above is a vintage
button, which I had two of, and keeps company
with two random earrings, a thrift store tag and
a Tim Holts key!
The background and textures where made using molding paste
and doilies... then adding paper, ephemera and acrylic paint.  They were
really an experiment when I started.  What
do you think... does it work?  What would you do differently... I'd
love to try and picture it!
This one (above) also has a shadowy stencil of a bird!  This time, in addition
to the vintage bling  I
added gesso to the key...and I love the effect!
I think my favorite key, tho, is this little one on the third piece!
It's so cute... and the matching earring, which broke, is in
the upper left along with another vintage earring!
I also really like the fact that it has glitter and the word 
SECRET on it!  
It feels good to finally have these canvases finished
and up on the wall... ready for a new home!
Making these was such a fun break from
what I usually paint... it actually inspired and energized me!
I also like how they look so much I'm
sure I'll make some more!
As always, 
thanks for checking in, be sure to
visit the links above and be ready to be inspired!!!


  1. Oh my... love, love, love the texture!
    Such a wonderful piece. :]

    1. Thanks April! The texture was a nice surprise!

  2. I love the first one. It's a great color combo, and I love the key and lacey texture.

    1. I agree Rinda! I like the overall composition and how the green pops!

  3. beautiful painting, love the texture and the embellishments... Very unique
    Visiting from studiojru

    1. Thank you Priya~ and thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Loving the beautiful texture effect and of course the added bling.... Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. How great you felt energized by creating these wonderful paintings!
    Love the vivid colors and build-up of surface/texture!
    You are so prolific!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. Oh wow! Wonderful, rich texture! Beautiful color!

    1. thanks... and thanks for visiting my blog.. hppf!

  7. Great textures and everything looks better with a bit of bling doesn't it...xx

  8. Wonderful combo of materials used here for a fantastic outcome.
    be proud! Hppf.

  9. Love the colors the texture, everything about this collage :-)

  10. very cool and unique! I love textures too. happy ppf

  11. of COURSE it works!! BLING!! How could it not?!? :-)
    i love it. I love how the small blings are the same shape as the big lime green bling in the first paintings. Just brillliant. And i also love the SECRET key. Too precious... beautiful work Renee. xoxo

  12. Wow... how pretty! Love the great colors. And I love the texture! It is gorgeous! :)

  13. What fabulous texture!
    Lovely work!

  14. Really cool, I love everything about, color, bling and texture! Great job!

  15. So Creative! I've always loved old keys, what a great way to use one. Your art is gorgeous! Happy PPF!


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