Thursday, April 12, 2012

In the Studio: Stencils and Dots

As a mixed media artist, I LOVE stencils!
I also love dots... you know,
Yesterday in the studio I decided to use some stencils
I hadn't used in a while in building up
my layers. 
It started out pretty innocently... but ended up with a wild, 
out of control, dots on everything party!
A few dots here...
a few dots there...
pretty soon dots were everywhere!
I loved my dot party!  And will definitely keep my 
oldie but goodie dot stencil handy!
I hope you get to paint today, and if you do...
be inspired and add some dots!
Happy painting!


  1. ME TOO, ME TOO!! love polka-dots :]
    Wonderful paintings, so playful.

  2. I love Club Scrap stencils and any number or letter stencils. I need to get painting for PPF!

  3. I'm a big dot-fan too! So I lóve all of these! Great colors :):)


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