Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dreamy Sundays~ Happy Easter!

This is one of my first mixed media collage paintings I did back in 
2010... it measures 5" x 5" and I used an old hymnal!
It has the title of one of my favorite old hymns... and it
still has meaning in my life today.
"Because He lives... I can face tomorrow~
Because He lives... all fear is gone~
And now I know He holds my future~
and life is worth living, just because He lives"!
Happy Easter!
{hope the words are right... that's how I remember it!}


  1. Oh, how fun to pull it out now! I LOVE it! Always liked fleur de lis (sp?) and the music/verse is perfect in it.

  2. Love it!
    The quote is perfect for this painting... wonderful choice.
    Happy belated Easter, Renee ((hugs))


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