Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CuRREntLy WoRKing oN!

Here's a tiny peek at what 
I'm currently working on!
I've continued to add layers of bright
colors to my flowers painting 
I started last week!
One of my favorite things in a mixed media painting 
is adding interest thru stamps and stencils.  
Here the tiny thin lines are from 
a cardboard box and the white dots are from a
clothing stencil!
The free hand doodles are great fun too!
I also started three small mixed media florals...
Even though my tools are simple, the 
paintings will be bright and cheery...
just like Spring after a long winter!
Tomorrow is my first day in the 
studio this week
and I'm just itching to paint! 
If you're in the area, stop by
for a quick hello!  I'll also be
getting the Boutique ready for 
our next big event on April 22nd...
which you can read about here
 Have a fabulously creative day
and be happy!


  1. I love how you used the complimentary colors of orange and blue - so vibrant!

  2. I adore your bright, cheery paintings! Those are all colors I LOVE.
    Catherine Denton


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