Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dreamy Sundays!

The creative journey continues!
And as always... my little cup of Joe is beside me...
keeping me happy along the way!
I wish you joy, peace and rest on this last
Sunday of April!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Paint Party Friday!

It's the end of the week already... I guess what they say is true....
"my how time flies when you're having fun"!
I'd like to share three little somethings I had tons of fun creating!
They are three "fussed up" canvases ( 12" x 12") that I began months
ago but didn't quite know how to finish.  But last week,
when I should have been doing something else, it hit me!
They needed some bling!
Vintage bling to be more exact!  The piece above is a vintage
button, which I had two of, and keeps company
with two random earrings, a thrift store tag and
a Tim Holts key!
The background and textures where made using molding paste
and doilies... then adding paper, ephemera and acrylic paint.  They were
really an experiment when I started.  What
do you think... does it work?  What would you do differently... I'd
love to try and picture it!
This one (above) also has a shadowy stencil of a bird!  This time, in addition
to the vintage bling  I
added gesso to the key...and I love the effect!
I think my favorite key, tho, is this little one on the third piece!
It's so cute... and the matching earring, which broke, is in
the upper left along with another vintage earring!
I also really like the fact that it has glitter and the word 
SECRET on it!  
It feels good to finally have these canvases finished
and up on the wall... ready for a new home!
Making these was such a fun break from
what I usually paint... it actually inspired and energized me!
I also like how they look so much I'm
sure I'll make some more!
As always, 
thanks for checking in, be sure to
visit the links above and be ready to be inspired!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank YOU!

Today's post is all about saying "thank you"!
Thank you to all the people who help make Fuss It Up! Designs
a place where art is fun, flirty and fabulous!
To all who faithfully show up to events...
who bring friends and family who browse and buy...
who take classes and have parties...
and who dream dreams and share in my dreams!
Thank you to all the fellow artists who keep creating
fabulous things...
 like these amazing little sculptures by Abigail Livingood
of Cornstalk Studio!
And these delicious kids creations...
by artist Toni Lampley of Good Sugar Art!
This past weekend we had our 
Thank you
everyone for coming!
To show my thanks, Fuss It Up! Designs is giving
away some fun, flirty and fabulous items...
 and the sign up is open until 5pm Saturday, April 28th.
Items include this "hope" key pendant necklace, 
this polymer clay sparkly star necklace,
your initial 1" glass pendant necklace,
this 3"x 4" doodle book,
 this 2"x 3" card with envelope...
and this 8"x 10" art print called "Strength for Fears"
from my After the Blues Series.
To participate in this giveaway, just follow my blog 
or leave a comment on this post.  If you're local,
stop by and sign up in person!
Fuss It Up! Designs  is open this week
Wednesday thru
Saturday from 12noon to 5:15pm!
Thanks again for all you do....
and have a great week!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Paint Party Friday!

It's Friday once again and the paint has been flowing!
A few posts ago I blogged about painting
three canvases that were not stretched yet
but stapled to the wall.  I finally got them stretched
and got to work on them again!
Of course I added some drips and dots...
and color and contrast!
I found hearts and circles...
and a few things with wings!
I had so much fun
but didn't have a lot of time... now I can hardly wait to paint 
more tomorrow!
Check out other fabulous artwork at these awesome sites...
Happy painting fellow artist...
have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dreamy Sundays!

I feel very blessed today to be sitting in my local
Starbucks enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee.  We had quite the
storm last night and several of the stores in Valley Junction
sustained  a lot of damage.  My little boutique & art studio
has only suffered a wet floor, which will dry, and no other damage
to anything!  
I am blessed!
Have a great week and don't
forget to count your blessings!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Paint Party Friday!

I only got to paint once so far this week and
went a little crazy with dots!
But I also got to spend time painting
with two fabulous sisters and
 working  a bit more on my happy garden painting.
I'll post about the sisters another time but share
my happy garden today.
I don't think I've shown the textural elements of this 
painting yet… but it really shows up with the bright colors
I just added.
The letters and numbers are made with molding paste
and one of my favorite stencils.  I just put the 
stencil down on the canvas, used a putty knife to
layer a coat of molding paste over the stencil
and then lifted off the stencil…
leaving the raised images!
They run along the top of the painting above the flowers.
There is also a fleur de lis on the upper right hand corner made the
same way.
I like the progress of this happy garden so far and am looking 
forward to seeing how it turns out!
Thanks for visiting and reading about my art…
happy painting everyone and
have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

In the Studio: Stencils and Dots

As a mixed media artist, I LOVE stencils!
I also love dots... you know,
Yesterday in the studio I decided to use some stencils
I hadn't used in a while in building up
my layers. 
It started out pretty innocently... but ended up with a wild, 
out of control, dots on everything party!
A few dots here...
a few dots there...
pretty soon dots were everywhere!
I loved my dot party!  And will definitely keep my 
oldie but goodie dot stencil handy!
I hope you get to paint today, and if you do...
be inspired and add some dots!
Happy painting!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fuss It Up! Birthday Party!!!

Birthday Parties can be twice as fun at Fuss It Up! Designs 
Art Studio!  Our fun Trash to Treasure class teaches kids
to recycle items others might consider "trash"
and create fabulous artwork out of it!
Kids will learn about color and contrast...
using recycled materials for creating texture...
using found and hand made stamps and stencils...
and incorporating all of these together and finishing
with a focal point!
Creating art is fun for all ages...
and learning step by step instructions makes it easy!
Here are some more fabulous creations from our latest
Birthday Paint Party!

The Studio is all ready for our next party
so stop in today and reserve your date!
Kids parties and classes begin at $30 / person for
6 or more!
{for hours and contact information click here!}
Have a fabulous, colorful and
creative day!

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