Saturday, March 10, 2012

Studio Time! Finished Bloom True Painting

Happy Saturday everyone!  
I spent the day today painting in my studio... 
and I think I'll say this one is DONE!
This is my first canvas from the fabulous
Flora Bowley eCourse called
Bloom True.  It's been such a great
journey and I love all the new techniques 
I've learned.  This is how it  started...
I don't think any of this first layer shows in the final piece
but I like knowing that it's there!  The class was five weeks long
{posts start to finish here}
and I can't even tell you how many layers of 
paint this finished painting has.  
I tried my best to use the techniques that were taught...
but use them "my style"!  This wasn't always easy
because I had to wait until the next lesson
to learn what to do next.
But of course, that is exactly what I was supposed to 
do!  That's how I learned to listen to my 
own intuition and trust it and let go and be brave!
This course has completely changed the way I paint and I'm
already planning how to incorporate the knowledge
into my mixed media work!
These detailed shots are some of my favorite parts....
but truth be told, I love so many parts of this painting that I can't
share them all here!!!
{Although I realize I am showing quite a few... hehe!}
I also have to say that if anyone would like to become 
a better painter, this is an amazing course to take!  
 I loved it!!!
I'll be sharing more of my
Bloom True paintings in the near future...
until then,
enjoy your day!
Thank you Flora... for putting your gift out
there so I could take this class!


  1. That is so beautiful! I will definitely have to take her class.

  2. Gorgeous painting - would love to take the course

  3. Quite amazing intuitive journey, and it's so you shining through. xox Corrine

  4. Hello fellow bloomer....Love, LOVE, love all the painting going on here! Had fun scrolling thru your blog and being inspired by all your color. Awesome!


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