Friday, March 23, 2012

Paint Party Friday...!

Happy Paint Party Friday!  and 
I've been painting up a storm lately and discovered
that the more I paint, the more I LOVE to paint!
I pulled out three pieces of canvas I started last summer
and tacked them up to the wall.  They're not
stretched... just large pieces of canvas, measuring 
about 15" x 48"!
Originally they were going to be all blues and greens,
but now they're well on their way to becoming 
rainbow paintings!
There is also sheet music and other elements collaged 
onto each canvas...
The collaged pieces may or may not show up in the end... but I 
love knowing they're there!
This post features just one of the three paintings
I started last summer.
I also began two more large un~stretched paintings, finished
a small mixed media painting and am working on
finishing two other acrylic mixed media paintings!
This is what my busy little studio looked like
this past week. 
I just love painting... I hope you do to!
Thanks for stopping by...
have an amazingly colorful day!


  1. Oh YES! I can agree with you completely! Have a party! So Beautiful!

  2. Beautious! And I love your large scale format.

  3. Love love the shot of the paint-ful studio and your color pops that make me smile. xox Corrine

  4. It's great fun seeing your studio. I love your use of bright colors. Very nice!

  5. Oh wow your paintings in the studio look fabulous......all that wonderful must bring you great joy. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  6. Oh wow, your paintings look great and I love your studio. How fun! Thanks for sharing. Happy PPF!

  7. Stunning! Stunning! Stunning! Did I mention stunning?

  8. That is what a studio is supposed to look like... it brings back memories of college and a space with tacked canvases all over the walls... I used to love working that way... your work is getting brighter and richer and more full of life every time I come to visit...xx

  9. oh so glorious. ahhhh. this color infusion just makes me smile this morning.

    Love all the paint splattered... great studio.
    Everything in look'in good here :]

  11. Wow that is awesome! Looks like a great, fun studio space! :)

  12. Linking up after you at In the Studio - what beautiful, vibrant colors in your paintings!

  13. Awesome, bold, energetic, vibrant paintings! Love! Happy PPF !

  14. Gorgeous! Looks like so much fun and i love all the bright colors. :)

  15. Colour, colour, colour WOW, how great are your pictures. They will brighten up any space. I love them.....

  16. Wow, wow, wow, so wild and wonderful!!!Deb

  17. Fabulous fabylous colors!!! So inspiring!


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