Friday, March 9, 2012

Paint Party Friday...!

It's that time once again...
Sneak Peek Friday!  I love both of these
groups because I get to see what other
fabulous artists from all over the place have been
painting this week!
Today I'm sharing a painting that's been finished
for a while but has just been photographed proper...
This piece is a 36"x36" mixed media acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.  
It was originally part of my "After the Blues" series I blogged
about here.  At the time, 
I only finished three of the four paintings in time
for the show and had this one left... unfinished.
I set it aside knowing that some day I would just know
what it needed.
And that's exactly what happened.  One day, I saw brightly
colored abstract flowers growing wildly!  Standing straight
up as if shouting...
"look at us!"
So I painted it like I saw it and here it is.
And the full meaning didn't even occur to me until just now.
The original series, After the Blues, symbolizes hope for the 
future.  The bright colors, whimsical markings and 
empty centers {seen here} are an attempt to communicate
a bright future just waiting to be walked into after a difficult time
or tragedy or even just a bad case of the blues.   
This painting, finished almost a year later, 
is filled with the fruit of hope itself!  
Bright, bold, strong flowers fill the empty space...
just like hopes and dreams will fill our lives...
after the blues!
Thanks for looking at my painting... tell me what it
says to you!  And be sure and visit all the other
fabulous artist taking part in
Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow - love the colors! And the juxtaposition of the hearts and circles is beautiful.
    Great job!

  2. It is wonderful! I especially love and am drawn to the small yellow hearts that are more understated. Happy PPF!

  3. love the way color is HUGE ... here!

  4. What a beautiful painting. Makes me smile just looking at it. Definitely seems to indicate brightness and happiness!

  5. It turned out amazing! The first thing that comes to mind is the song... My future's so bright, I've got to wear shades. :-) Love it.

  6. Where have all the flowers gone? They are right here and they are gorgeous and happy for sure. Happy PPF.

  7. wonderful explosion of colours! ADORABLE!

  8. For a girl that absolutely adores color, these are perfection! Love them! Have a great weekend!

  9. Oh my goodness!!!
    I am in love with this painting, fantastic piece. ((hugs))
    Such wonderful talents.
    This made me smile today, thank you :]

  10. It certainly shouts out "joy!" It is very exuberant and lively! Patsy from

  11. Magnificent colors and bold expression ~ lovely ~thanks, namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

  12. LOVE it! And the message the Holy Spirit spoke to you through the process is so full of hope for the viewer too! (Coming from Studio JRU)...

  13. Circles and hearts... my 2 favorite things in the whole wide world. :-)
    Great work! Happy PPF. xoxo

  14. Beautifully vivid, bright comments!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  15. wow, how wonderful to have a story behind the painting. it gives it so much more meaning and depth! it certainly conveys the joy of hopes fulfilled. thnaks for sharing.

  16. It is great to see all those close ups and see the details... you have a great sense of colour and it all looks so summery and fresh... lovely..xx

  17. Very cheerful paintings to brighten anyone's day.

    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your thoughtful comment on my blog. Much appreciated. :)

  18. I love visiting your blog! COLOR COLOR COLOR! Beautiful! Glad to have found you through the JRU STudio linkup! Happy dance!

  19. Gorgeous painting! I love the addition of the bold flowers.

  20. Looks like pure happiness to me.

  21. What a beautiful piece! The bright pretty colors are amazing. Love the meaning of a bright future and hope. I received my key art this week... thank you so much!! Love it! :)

  22. So much meaning in this work. The circles give thought to life, the hearts to love, the flowers to growth and beauty and beautiful packaged in a explosion of color radiating warmth. lovely piece.
    Annabelle ;)

  23. it says energy and life to me...happy PPF!

  24. Oh, takes my breath away, I love it!!!!

  25. Oooh - I just love the bold, bright colors... Definitely a great way to beat "the blues"!


  26. Isn't it amazing when a painting calls you back and you know just what to do?! This is lovely! I love the drips, the bold, bright colors....and those delicious flowers ripe with hope!
    Beautiful :)


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