Thursday, March 8, 2012


What a beautiful, sunny day here in Iowa!
I thought I'd take another minute and talk about things 
that inspire me.  As you know, I believe that
This is a picture of the mat that sits on my front porch.
It's old but I just love the lines of it!  The way they roll
and move and draw the eye around.  Most people would
have swept away the old Christmas tree pine needles by now...
but I like how it looks.  It tells the story of how I let
the tree get completely dried out before I took it outside and
of how ALL of the needles fell off by themselves!
As it turns out, I love curvilinear lines and forms.  
And because I  really like them, I surround myself with them. 
 Not on purpose... but like you, I like what I like and 
apparently... that's what I buy!
This love for curved lines is evident everywhere....
before you even enter my house you see it on the door mat,
the planter and the chair detail above!
Once inside, the pattern continues.  From decorative items
 such as this glazed rose plate and its stand...
 this candlestick holder...
and these ceramic pots.
The same lines can also be found on tables legs...
t.v.trays, area rugs...
and gilded frames!
I hope this inspires you to take a quick look around
your living space at what kind of lines you prefer. 
Sometimes we don't even notice... but when we sit and 
relax while surrounded by things we love...
we can't help but be inspired!


  1. These images are FANTASTIC!! I am moving so I will be gone for awhile - thanks for visiting my blog! xoDi

  2. Love everything about this post. I'm looking around my place and feeling a need to move things around and see things anew. :-)


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