Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CuRREntLy WoRKing oN!

Here's a tiny peek of what I'm currently working on...
I often start several projects and work on them
as I have time or when inspiration calls!
While I was waiting for something else to dry I started
three yellow and white canvases.  I have a
hazy plan for them but will allow them
to unfold as they will.  I also began work
on a 36" x 36" canvas I started last summer!
The vision for this painting finally came to me with the
promise of Spring... and so, more happy flowers!
What are you working on today?  I hope everyone
takes time to create and spread happiness...


  1. Love the bold pops of color, that yellow is a zinger for Spring. xox Corrine

  2. Love a "sneak peek". :]
    The yellow is so bright and cheerful, can not wait to see these paintings unfold.
    I really like this art piece, fantastic work!
    Spring is in the air...


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