Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bloom True Workshop

Bloom True Workshop...
Happy Paint Party Friday and 
Friday Sneak Peek
Can I just say again...
I LOVE  the BLOOM TRUE workshop I am blessed to be 
a part of!
Week four is all about being BRAVE.
I really appreciate the fact that many artists
hold on to this mantra...and teach about it...  because creating from
inner passion always requires a great amount of
I feel like I became a little stuck in my paintings for the class
and didn't quite know how to get unstuck!  The
painting above, while I like it, just isn't me.
It's too tight!  So I was thrilled when our new lesson
demonstrated doing something totally brave with
a painting and just pouring paint over it!
That was all I needed to dive in head first...
Pouring, dripping, wiping and smearing...
the result is exactly what I needed to get back to that
place of freedom in my work!
 Many times, art imitates life.
This week was no exception.  There are things from my
past that I've worked very hard to put behind me and 
 I don't talk about much because, quite frankly,  I'm much more
interested in my future, my art and my life moving forward.
However, every great once in a while part of that
past rears it's ugly head.  This week
I found out that a former stalker is still actively stalking.
And for a quick minute, I felt very stuck. 
Those old feelings of abuse, betrayal and loss of control tried
to paralyze me.  But in about 60 seconds I came back to my 
senses and remembered how far I had come and that 
the stalker, try as he might, can never take my freedom
and happiness away from me again.  
In the same time it took for me to
pour paint over my canvas, I put it out of my mind
and got back to my place of freedom in my life!
My paintings for Bloom True, whatever they turn out like
in the end, will always be a great reminder of this
trying week and that I will never go back into a life
filled with fear and powerlessness!
 After these drips dried, I continued painting bravely all day
and am thrilled to share the results with you...
but that's another post for another day!
The purpose of sharing "frankly" today is not to 
give power to the negative, but to inspire and encourage
and even declare that there is HOPE and a beautiful
future for everyone who will just be BRAVE and 
take hold of it!
Have a brave weekend!!!


  1. Loving your wonderful explosions of colour, they are really strong expressions of your feelings......keep on having fun with your art sweet lady. Happy PPF, x

  2. Enjoyed finding your post through Jennifer at JRU. Lovely colors! Nice thought process, and overcoming fear!
    Blessings ~

  3. Your work is BRIGHT and BRAVE indeed! I love how painting helped you work through your struggles this week. Stay brave and and keep overcoming those fears! Your positive attitude and hope were encouraging to me today. Thank you!

  4. What a great inspiration for being brave! Love this Renee... thank you for sharing your heart. Love all the drips! :)

  5. Oh, I so love your work! The colors make me smile! :-)

  6. Love it! I'm always a fan of drippy paint.

  7. To a beautiful, bright and brave future!

    Love the life in this painting. Great colours.

  8. Remarkable! The spirit and vivid colour in these is marvelous. Outstanding!
    Happy Creating,

  9. Stunning paintings. I love how you moved your paintings forward while moving your inner self to a better place at the same time. Our lives and our art are so intertwined!

  10. Bright and Bold, your work makes me smile. Happy PPF xx

  11. Beautiful work!! :]
    Wonderful demonstration of "brave"... such bold, bright, colors.

  12. this is really nice, you're so talented!

  13. Beautiful colors. Really like the drips. Nice job.

  14. Super gorgeous art...the energy and vibe of your work is inspiring and full of harmony..just beautiful!
    Hugs to you and keep is sad that many people have been stalked, it can be so paralyzing..i am thrilled you have overcome it..shine on!
    Lovely to meet you and your creative realm!

  15. Awesome paintings, I reallly LOVE those drips, looks so much fun! Keep creative and stay brave! <3

  16. Powerful, vibrant and full of life. A living painting!
    Stay strong, brave and positive. Love your happy work.

  17. Great abstract, it shows that you used it to clear your mind of unpleasantness and stay positive. What negativity could survive in the face of these colors?

  18. So cool! I don't know if I would be so brave to pour paint on a project. Love how it turned out!


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