Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ARt and aRTIsts I LOvE!

ARt and aRTIsts I LOvE!
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Today I'd like to introduce you all to
an artist I first saw at the
2011 Creative Connection.
We didn't actually
meet, but seemed to always be looking for
coffee at the same time!
Her name is Michelle Allen and she's truly

Funky weird art bird cat octopus michelle allen artist
Her artsy creations are so whimsical and
full of life they always make me giggle!
Class Photo 1
She's been a full time artist for
15 years, has built a successful
art business and is teaching at this years
Riding on Wisdom Original Painting
She sells her art on Etsy...
on her website
and at local stores which you can find here
by using your zip code!
Michelle Allen is a huge inspiration to me
for my own art career... wherever it may take me!
Check out her blog and you'll fall in love too...
Michelle's Blog


  1. YES!!!
    Love this gal, she is super inspiring... :]

  2. Her art is awesome...going to check it out now :-)

  3. thank you Renee for the sweet write up! it's so sad that there won't be a Creative Connection this year. will you be going to any sort of conference to replace it? i've been considering Altitude Design Summit, i believe in Utah.


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