Friday, March 30, 2012

Paint Party Friday...!

Sneak Peek Friday!  These are two fabulous
art blog hops I play along with...
follow the links and check out what
other fabulous artists have been up to!
Spring is in the air...
so I've been painting up a storm with
bright, fresh spring colors!
Some of my favorite mark making 
elements are stamping, stenciling and 
faux writing... and this piece has them all.
I'm still using the hand cut flower stamp I created this
past January while taking Traci Bautista's free
online workshop... which you can
read about here.
This piece will be used in other projects such as
collaged art, cards, jewelry and pillows...
just off the top of my head!
I really love working on sheets of canvas...
it's so freeing!
And now my head is just swirling with all the creative
options for this design!  Happy painting and 
have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ARt and aRTIsts I LOvE!

ARt and aRTIsts I LOvE!
My Photo
Today I'd like to introduce you all to
an artist I first saw at the
2011 Creative Connection.
We didn't actually
meet, but seemed to always be looking for
coffee at the same time!
Her name is Michelle Allen and she's truly

Funky weird art bird cat octopus michelle allen artist
Her artsy creations are so whimsical and
full of life they always make me giggle!
Class Photo 1
She's been a full time artist for
15 years, has built a successful
art business and is teaching at this years
Riding on Wisdom Original Painting
She sells her art on Etsy...
on her website
and at local stores which you can find here
by using your zip code!
Michelle Allen is a huge inspiration to me
for my own art career... wherever it may take me!
Check out her blog and you'll fall in love too...
Michelle's Blog

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CuRREntLy WoRKing oN!

Here's a tiny peek of what I'm currently working on...
I often start several projects and work on them
as I have time or when inspiration calls!
While I was waiting for something else to dry I started
three yellow and white canvases.  I have a
hazy plan for them but will allow them
to unfold as they will.  I also began work
on a 36" x 36" canvas I started last summer!
The vision for this painting finally came to me with the
promise of Spring... and so, more happy flowers!
What are you working on today?  I hope everyone
takes time to create and spread happiness...

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Mixed Media!

Happy Monday!  I finally finished this companion
piece to two mixed media canvases I began 
oh so long ago!
{you can see the them here}
Words from a vintage book peek through
glitter, stamps and drips of paint...
as does my favorite polka dotted tissue paper!
And as usual, the queen keeps watch!
Here is the companion... now this tiny village
is complete.
Each are 10" x 10" on  1 1/2" gallery wrapped canvas.
No matter how much I fall in love with my larger acrylic
 paintings... I will always find room in my
heart for these smaller mixed media pieces!
To purchase these or other works of art by me, visit 
Fuss It Up! Designs in Historic Valley Junction any
Thursday ~ Saturday from 12noon to 5pm
or as always... by special appointment!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Paint Party Friday...!

Happy Paint Party Friday!  and 
I've been painting up a storm lately and discovered
that the more I paint, the more I LOVE to paint!
I pulled out three pieces of canvas I started last summer
and tacked them up to the wall.  They're not
stretched... just large pieces of canvas, measuring 
about 15" x 48"!
Originally they were going to be all blues and greens,
but now they're well on their way to becoming 
rainbow paintings!
There is also sheet music and other elements collaged 
onto each canvas...
The collaged pieces may or may not show up in the end... but I 
love knowing they're there!
This post features just one of the three paintings
I started last summer.
I also began two more large un~stretched paintings, finished
a small mixed media painting and am working on
finishing two other acrylic mixed media paintings!
This is what my busy little studio looked like
this past week. 
I just love painting... I hope you do to!
Thanks for stopping by...
have an amazingly colorful day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tutorial: Key Pendant Necklace with Vintage Jewelry

This past weekend I taught my 
class at the studio.  I love teaching mixed media classes and
always create right along with my students.  Here's the 
pendant I created this weekend.
I've been thinking a lot about dreams lately,
 as in dreaming BIG, and so I chose the key that says "DREAMS" on it.
Although vintage keys are great to use, I really like
using the Tim Holtz keys from Archivers!
The keys have words engraved on them and come in
a pack with several different shapes and sizes to choose from.
I find my jewels at flea markets and thrift stores but you
could also use vintage family jewelry and create fabulous
keepsakes with sentimental value!
The supplies for this  fabulous creation are simple...
a key
vintage jewelry
and a chain!
And here's the simple skinny... (instructions)
1. Use the Mod Podge to adhere glitter to the key;
allow to dry.
2.  Use E6000 to adhere jewel to the key;
allow to dry.
3.  Put key onto chain.
It's really that simple and oh so much fun!
Just ask Angie Glidwell...
She created two super fabulous keys you can 
see  here on her facebook page!  
Happy Creating!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dreamy Sundays

Ahhhh... I love the very first sip!
I'd like to say
thank you to all my followers!
I love to hear from you, you are special and  
you always make my day!
It's going to be a fabulous week...
so be inspired, be creative
and be blessed!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Studio Time! Finished Bloom True Painting

Happy Saturday everyone!  
I spent the day today painting in my studio... 
and I think I'll say this one is DONE!
This is my first canvas from the fabulous
Flora Bowley eCourse called
Bloom True.  It's been such a great
journey and I love all the new techniques 
I've learned.  This is how it  started...
I don't think any of this first layer shows in the final piece
but I like knowing that it's there!  The class was five weeks long
{posts start to finish here}
and I can't even tell you how many layers of 
paint this finished painting has.  
I tried my best to use the techniques that were taught...
but use them "my style"!  This wasn't always easy
because I had to wait until the next lesson
to learn what to do next.
But of course, that is exactly what I was supposed to 
do!  That's how I learned to listen to my 
own intuition and trust it and let go and be brave!
This course has completely changed the way I paint and I'm
already planning how to incorporate the knowledge
into my mixed media work!
These detailed shots are some of my favorite parts....
but truth be told, I love so many parts of this painting that I can't
share them all here!!!
{Although I realize I am showing quite a few... hehe!}
I also have to say that if anyone would like to become 
a better painter, this is an amazing course to take!  
 I loved it!!!
I'll be sharing more of my
Bloom True paintings in the near future...
until then,
enjoy your day!
Thank you Flora... for putting your gift out
there so I could take this class!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Paint Party Friday...!

It's that time once again...
Sneak Peek Friday!  I love both of these
groups because I get to see what other
fabulous artists from all over the place have been
painting this week!
Today I'm sharing a painting that's been finished
for a while but has just been photographed proper...
This piece is a 36"x36" mixed media acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.  
It was originally part of my "After the Blues" series I blogged
about here.  At the time, 
I only finished three of the four paintings in time
for the show and had this one left... unfinished.
I set it aside knowing that some day I would just know
what it needed.
And that's exactly what happened.  One day, I saw brightly
colored abstract flowers growing wildly!  Standing straight
up as if shouting...
"look at us!"
So I painted it like I saw it and here it is.
And the full meaning didn't even occur to me until just now.
The original series, After the Blues, symbolizes hope for the 
future.  The bright colors, whimsical markings and 
empty centers {seen here} are an attempt to communicate
a bright future just waiting to be walked into after a difficult time
or tragedy or even just a bad case of the blues.   
This painting, finished almost a year later, 
is filled with the fruit of hope itself!  
Bright, bold, strong flowers fill the empty space...
just like hopes and dreams will fill our lives...
after the blues!
Thanks for looking at my painting... tell me what it
says to you!  And be sure and visit all the other
fabulous artist taking part in
Have a great weekend!

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