Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vintage Photo Pendant Workshop!

Last night as the sun set and the chill got chillier, 30 women came out
and created one of a kind glass pendant necklaces!
Class samples by Renee Mak
The class was offered as part of the

Vintage photos were provided but many students
brought their own photos to use!
I also brought along some vintage comic books!
And some even cut up and used words or graphics from
my business card!
Each table had samples and written instructions . . .
and while some students jumped right in, others had a hard
time deciding what picture to choose!
Lots of fun chit chat filled the room . . .
and many creative ideas where shared!
Artists made one or several fabulous pendants that I
hope to see around town!  Thanks everyone for coming
out and having a great time with me!
Feel free to post pictures of your finished creations on the
Fuss It Up! facebook wall ,  "Like" us if you haven't already and 
check back often for future classes!
And have a great day!


  1. What a nice full workshop! I love making pendants like those.

  2. How wonderful... looks like everyone had a great "creative" time! :]


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