Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sketchbook Project

Happy first day of February... my birthday month!
I promise to party all month long...
I always do!
But today, here is a peak inside my sketchbook 
I finished for the Sketchbook Project!
Inspiration doodles
I chose the "Hope" category and so, of course, my
sketchbook is all about hope and what it is to me.
I also wanted to inspire people to have hope with color 
and evoke a "light heartedness" with whimsical doodles!
Getting started!
I used some of my favorite original designs and some of 
my favorite colors and just doodled my heart away!
"What is Hope" page
I love how the black doodle lines POP on the brightly colored pages!

Hope grows!
I will definitely be using some of these as doodle pages for 
future projects!
Hope village!
I'll be sharing this sketchbook more in the future too!
Cover art
Have a hope filled day everyone!


  1. I think the black pops and pops, and of course I love the color too. xox Corrine

  2. Great job with it! It's fun to see how someone else finished theirs.


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