Friday, February 10, 2012

Paint Party Friday!

Painting by my daughter Monet!
This week has been really busy but I'm thrilled
to be taking part in the BLOOM TRUE workshop by
artist Flora Bowley and would love to share my 
progress with you!

This week was all about letting go of
all inhibitions and covering the canvas with paint!
I learned two techniques...
My first canvas is 36" x 36" and has
warm colors mixed with water!
I'm always amazed by how the paint flows...
where is decides to go and where it avoids going!
For the second technique I decided to tack primed canvas
to the wall of my studio!
I put on some music, a blind fold and painted with
my hands . . . per Flora's instructions!
Here's a short video clip (unedited!!!)
This was really fun to do... like finger painting back in
I again chose to work with bright, warm colors and will probably
have this canvas stretched before the next lesson.
Of course this exercise zipped by so quickly that I 
just had to cover a third canvas with paint!
The detail that caught my interest the most here was
how some of my marks remind me of roses!
And my finger marks remind me of a fence
or a trellis!
Now I have three canvases all ready for the next lesson!
I love that no matter how busy I get, I can always
squeeze in time for painting and being creative...
I hope that you can do the same!

Please take a little time to stop by the 
and see all of the FABULOUS artwork!!!
{Just click on the numbered names to go 
to each artists blog!}
Happy Friday!


  1. Renae, If I lived in Des Moines (I'm hoping and praying I get a job there this year!!! If you know of anyone who can help score this art teacher an elementary job, let me know!!!) I would be there every Friday! Love what you're doing:) Your daughter is named Monet?!! How awesome!!!My cat's name is Claud-ia Monet.

  2. Thanks Miss Kati! I wish you lived here too and that I could blink my eyes and get you a job!
    Keep trying... thanks for leaving such a sweet comment today... and have a great weekend!

  3. Des Moines!?! As in Iowa? My husband and I went to Iowa State in Ames - soooo long ago! Love the big canvases - and the bright colors seem to go with who you are!

    Coming from Studio JRU...

  4. I LOVE pinks and oranges together--and your large canvases look great (I see roses, too!)

  5. Paint does true what they say about a fresh coat of paint does wonders for a house well I guess it does for a blank canvas.Imagine ....roses .I wonder about your next step in class. Interesting post.

  6. The class with Flora must be SO much fun!! Your warm colours are already inviting. It looks very liberating.
    And if your daughter really DID do that portrait in the beginning, she is indeed a Monet!! it's FANTASTIC!! You can tell her i said so. :-) xoxo

  7. Great backgrounds! can't wait to see your progress! Patsy from

  8. Love your starting canvases...I'm also taking Flora's class and I'm trying to slow myself down and be patient while we wait for her My space is small so I'm only working on 24x36 canvases...but enjoying it just the same. Have a great week and I'm hoping to post my result next Frdiay. Fondly, Roberta

  9. I have fun with you and your experiments. Saludos

  10. Such wonderful color and vibrancy. And I love the sketchy face up top.

  11. Sounds like a fun class. Your canvases are beautiful... love those colors.

  12. Looking great so far! Love the vibrant colours.

  13. LOVE the boldness of your colors and craft. Wonderful.
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook
    Happy Horse Studio

  14. Your canvases look great! That sounds like such a fun class. I would have liked to take it, but didn't have the time to commit to it. I am so excited to see you post your work from class... gives me a peek into the fun! Can not wait see more! :)

  15. These are great techniques to get people to use color. You did a wonderful job thanks for sharing.

  16. K, first can we talk about the swirly walls of your studio!? OHhhh, how gorgeous! I am so in love. AND I love all the beautiful things that happened with water on your first canvas. Orange and Pink are one of my favorite combos and your beginning is already stunning. It all sounds like so much fun! xoxo

  17. Ooh...Gorgeous colors! And the design on your wall is so pretty!


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