Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trash to Treasure Workshop~ Finished Piece!

Finished 6" x 6" Mixed Media Collage!
Last Wednesday I taught my Mixed Media Collage workshop 
for West Des Moines Community Education...
I blogged about it here and promised to show
you the final results ...
And here it is!
I always begin a "sample" in each class but 
rarely get to finish it there.

I love this star!
All of the pieces, including the star, are things I had 
laying around the studio.  Things others may
just through away in the trash!
Heart detail
This cute little heart is the back of a Starbucks coffee sleeve...
of which I have an abundant supply!
Textural edge
One of  my favorite parts of mixed media is the process of
building up the layers... especially when the texture shows up
 afterwards like on this edge!
When I look at this finished piece I feel all warm and fuzzy 
inside because after it's done, I see the usual symbolism
 that's almost always visible in my work.  
Three stars (three children), 
happy heart (mine!) 
and fulfillment (nothing missing, nothing broken)!
Here's a question for you...
do you have themes that constantly
show up in your work, even when you
don't plan on it?
Let me know what you think and
as always...
Happy Creating!!!


  1. Love when you can make something with what's hanging around, love the star too and all the texture, crinkled paper is GOOD. Themes, not so much, but colorways stick around for a while then that shifts. xox Corrine

  2. Wow awesome results! I think my fav bit is layers too - because they create something different EVERY time. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, though honestly I am still very scared by this whole online thing and it's only been the past 9 months or so I've dared to have any presence at all. But we're all in it together right? Happy creating :)

  3. Great piece and I love the layers...I like to use tissue and old patterns for layers. I was trying to think about your questions and repeating themes and I don't really think I have any. I try a little bit of everything in my art journals and don't really repeat things or techniques. I love to try new stuff and I love all colors and shapes so I guess my answer would be nope ;} Thanks for making me think about it though...I'm doing a lot of that with all my projects this year...thinking about my art process that is ;} Have a great week, fondly, Roberta

  4. What a neat piece! I love all the colors and textures. Great coffee sleeve heart! Welcome to our 'in the studio' link party! Loved seeing your creativity this week. :)

  5. Hi Renee, so pleased I found your blog on the Strathmore online course. I will follow from now on.
    Melva Bates


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