Monday, February 13, 2012


Sometimes I take a step outside and am completely
amazed at the beauty and inspiration that surrounds me!
Today is one of those days...
Although it is bitter cold and my world is covered with 
snow,   I can't help but notice the 
tree  beside my house 
and the little buds on the end of each branch.
I think they came early because of our unseasonably 
warm midwest  winter . . . they seem so tiny and fragile . . .
and now they're forced to co-mingle with the snow and ice
and patiently wait for spring!
In an instant I think of the creative soul , and how many times
we start to realize our hopes and dreams 
and even begin to bloom and then get hit by a storm . . .
one that seems bent on slowing us down, stopping us
or even killing our dreams altogether.
I also think of my own life, the storms I've had to endure
 and the many things I've overcome . . .
and can tell you from experience that the storms,
each and every storm, can only kill your dreams
 if you let them.
And if you just hang on and hold tightly to your dreams, 
the storm will end, the sun will come out and 
a new day will dawn.
The beauty that follows will be beyond
your greatest dreams...
and that's what hit me this morning
as I stepped outside into the cold.
That's also what keeps me chasing my dreams,
learning new things
and creating art that inspires others
to do the same!
Feel free to share your inspirations...
what dreams are you chasing...
and which ones have you conquered!


  1. Great pics and what a wonderful post!

  2. Thank you Jenna! Hope you're having a super creative week and staying warm!

  3. these photos are really beautiful Renée

  4. How beautiful and fascinating! Icicles! We never have that here in the Philippines! Patsy from

    1. Thank you Patsy! Yes, it can get pretty cold here in the midwest! What happened here was that the sun warmed the day, the snow began to melt and then the cold wind froze the drips before they could reach the ground! It's really beautiful to see... thanks again for visiting my blog! Have a great day...

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Sue! Giving my new camera a workout!
      Have a fun day!!!


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