Thursday, February 23, 2012


What INSPIRES you!
It's clear from my last
INspiRaTIOn iS EvERYwHERe! post that many
artists find inspiration in color.
I do too and absolutely love color!
Going deeper, I decided that what I 
really love is when colors POP...  or stand out!
This is very clear if you enter my home 
and just look around.
I have little pops of color everywhere.
One way to make your colors come alive is to place opposite
colors next to or near each other. The red flower above 
really stands out because it's on top of a green book cover.
The same holds true for this oil painting... the red scarf
really pops because it's painted on a green background.
Another way to get colors to jump out at you is to
add them to a neutral background... like the picture below.
The neutral wall color, the candle holders and
the vintage bling all help the red candle stand out!
One more way to get color to pop is through contrast...
placing lights and darks near each other.
The yellow roses pop because they're surrounded by
darker reds and purples.  The cranberries below pop because
of the lighter gold glass and white candle.
The patterned cups work the same way... with lighter
colors on top of darker colors and vice versa.
Ditto for the stack of books and the titles.
That's just three ways I get color to pop in my home.  
I have found the same principles work in my 
 artwork!  There is actually an 
original abstract painting of mine in one of the photos above
 with the complimentary colors green and red.
Tell me, does your home decor reflect your art style
like mine does? I'd love to hear...
and don't forget, every comment, repost, pin,
etc. counts for my 
Birthday Bash Giveaway which ends Saturday at
midnight central time!
Be inspired and happy creating!


  1. Love the phographs. I'm a colour junkie and love juicy colour combinations!

    1. Oops that should say photographs, trying to type this on my mobile- I have big fingers!

    2. Haha... thanks Fuzz! I love how you discribed colour as juicy!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Great photos, thank you for sharing!
    Very inspiring post... love it! :]


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