Saturday, February 25, 2012

BloomTrue Workshop!

As you most of you know, I'm taking part in Flora Bowley's
 I just love everything I've learned so far about color and
layering and even how to just let go
and make marks without thinking
of the end result!
I'm actually about a week behind but
that's what I can do ...
so that's what I do!
After adding dark and light values, which you can
see here... I added
bright, translucent color washes of
orange, yellow and fushia.  
I was thrilled to
get back to a color scheme I was more comfortable with!
I took a lot of pictures because it will soon be
...covered with the next lesson and the next
layer of paint!  And I really like it how it is now.
But as much as I like how it looks now, that's o.k....
because this painting is just technique~learning marks 
on a canvas and lessons put into practice!  Undoubtedly 
many paintings will follow.
Below is the large piece that these detailed shots came from...
 36"x36" work in progress
And below is what it looked like after week one!
What I've found is that I love the painting more
and more after each lesson.  Knowing that gives me all
the courage I need to let go of this layer and embrace the next!
Thank you for letting me share a little bit of this 
painting journey with you!  As always, I love to 
hear from you and cherish your thoughts!


  1. Wow... this is so neat!! I wish I would have had time to take the class. I love all the layers. Thanks so much for sharing your steps and process... it is so interesting! :)

  2. Hey Renee! Peg here from Flora's e-course and Magically Mixed FB group, love seeing the various layers of your paintings. I'm in the midst of waiting for some crazy part colorful/part muddy layers to dry before moving onto the next layer. Great post, you captured the feel of the class.

  3. hi Renee! thanks for the follow. i'm so jealous that you are getting to take this course from flora. great work so far. can't wait to see everything you get out of the class.

  4. It's an amazing process how the work transforms with the energy you put in. I am seeing lots of big canvases in your future. xox Corrine

  5. Hi Renee, your work from the course with Flora looks great. It super to see the progression in your work. I do follow her blog. I would have loved to have participated but until I win the lottery I don't think that will happen. Keep up the brilliant work....

  6. Wow, those colours are crazy bright, but gorgeous! I LOVE the technique behind Flora's style. I'm hoping to do her course the next time it's offered.


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