Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bloom True Workshop

I had a fabulous paint day in the studio today!
 I added more cool colors to my 
second assignment
in the Bloom True Workshop by
Flora Bowley and love what happened.
 (first lesson here)
This is what I started with.  The point was not
to think about it but just "play" with my tools 
and some paint!  And that's exactly
what I ended up doing!
Before I realized what I had done, I noticed that I didn't 
leave much of the previous layer!
I just couldn't help myself... the music was on...
the paint was flowing...
and I was lost in the fun!
One friend commented that it looks like an 
underwater scene...
I can definitely see the bubbles in this view!
I love how the surviving warm colors peak through 
just a bit!
And so in one session I went from this... (above)
to this!
And now I'm all set to add another layer of
warm colors before tomorrows lesson!
It's a beautiful sun~shiny day today here in Iowa...
I hope the sun is shining where you are
and that you're happy creating something


  1. Love everything about these paintings!!!
    You've made my day, these colors make me smile :]
    Happy Thursday!

  2. wow wow wowie wow wow. did i say wow? you're amazing.

  3. Terrific to see how this has developed into a great piece. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  4. I do love the addition of blue colors!
    Now the red still pops but is not overwhelming!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  5. Great Job Renee! I'm trying to enjoy the process and not feel like I'm creating mud! I'm getting there...slowly but surely and had a nice message from Flora for encouragement. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Roberta

  6. so jealous you're taking her class. She is amazing. And I am really liking all your play!

  7. I love it, and I agree with your friend, it does look like an underwater scene.
    Happy PPF!

  8. Lovely art work ~ lively, colorful and fun! ~namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy PPF ^_^

  9. Thanks for posting your progress. I love seeing stages of paintings! Patsy from

  10. sounds like a lot of fun to just go with the flow! thank you for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  11. I really like the graphic quality of those warm roses, and that one survivor of the next layer...almost as if there is a story unfolding!

  12. That is so neat!! I love to see how the layers change the piece so much... yet bits and pieces peek through. What an interesting and cool technique. Looking forward to seeing where the next step takes it! :)

  13. These are beyond awesome and I love the blue over the red... always a sucker for those, but the the other is pretty amazing... you have a had an amazing week...xx

  14. This looks like a great workshop. Love these layered colors.

  15. It has blossomed into something quite wonderful.
    A really nice art piece.

  16. I love the cool colours. I'm still yet to perfect mixing aqua/turquoise (until I'm able to visit a Golden supplier), so I'm jealous of anyone who has that colour in their paintings. Gorgeous work.


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