Saturday, February 11, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Bloom True Workshop

Happy Thursday Bloggers!  About this time  two years ago
I had just begun my painting adventure with artist  Flora Bowley 
and her Bloom True Workshop.  
I absolutely love the experience I had and still
use it for inspiration today! 
If you have a chance to take this workshop
or get her book,
(available in my Awesome Books bookshop to the right--->)
I highly recommend it. 
Now, in the tradition of #throwbackthursday, 
here is a post from the second week of 
the Bloom True Workshop... with the addition of my finished paintings!

I had a fabulous paint day in the studio today!
 I began my second assignment (first lesson here)
in the Bloom True Workshop by
Flora Bowley and love what happened.
The colors really pop!  The lesson was about getting to
know my tools... the brushes... and whatever else I use
to apply paint!
I used cool colors over the warm colors . . .
and simply made different marks with paint!
And here's the finished painting which is available
for purchase here (towards the bottom)...
My how it blossomed!

For my second painting, I used the marks that reminded
me of roses (from the first lesson) and just went with that!

I had fun using a foam brush . . .
and contrasting colors!
It will be really fun to see how these paintings end up after 5 weeks!
Fortunately we can see how it ended up right here!
(Also available for purchase)
Isn't it interesting what lies behind a painting!
Happy Thursday and happy painting....


  1. Hi Renee, Love what you've done, especially the roses :) Lovely, vibrant colours.

  2. renee, thanks for stopping by my blog....i loved seeing what you are doing in floras is fun and freeing......i am really enjoying it also.....see you again... ;-)

  3. I am SO in love with all that gorgeous color! And the texture - the drippings in bright green and the flowers underneath the second piece are just stunning. LOVE it, xo

  4. Renee, your painting is so bright so far! I love seeing how everyone has a different interpretation using similar technique and instruction. Isn't it fun! Sanna
    ps: gotta go post on my blogger


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