Sunday, February 5, 2012

ARt and aRTIsts I LOvE!

Flora Bowley!
As part of celebrating my birthday all month long, 
I signed up for an amazing painting adventure with
artist Flora Bowley
Her new studio!
 I'm so excited for class to begin 
because I really love her work and also love learning
new things about myself and painting!  
Her eCourse is called "Bloom True" and it's about being 
brave with art, exploring intuitive painting and 
having tons of fun in the process!
Here's the video introduction to the class...

She travels all over teaching her fabulous style...
her blog often showcases the people she meets 
and the beautiful places she goes.
Book by Flora Bowley, 2012
Like many of my favorite artists, she has just finished 
a book, pictured above, that I'm sure will be a great
asset to my art library!  It's called 
I love the subtitle "Let go. Be bold. Unfold." which is 
exactly what I plan on doing tomorrow when
BLOOM TRUE begins!!!
Anyone else signed up?  
Stay tuned... I always share my fun!
Have a great week and
happy painting!
‘Crown’ (acrylic on canvas), Flora Bowley


  1. Oh you very... lucky, lucky gal!
    Enjoy totally :]

  2. Hi April, you will just love the class! I wanted to sign up for the e-course, but was too late, by the time I decided. I took her in person class a few months ago. It was the greatest weekend for me. I'm hoping to take another sometime. *Btw, I'm the owner of the painting that you featured, "Crown." :)

    1. Christy! You lucky girl to own "Crown", wish you in the class along with us. Well, look forward to seeing more of your work back over in Magically Mixed :)

  3. This sounds incredibly fun. I love how her art is brimming with color!
    Catherine Denton

  4. oh wow! it looks so fun! ive loved looking through your blog!!!! I adore your style!

  5. I read about that class - it looks wonderful. Hope you enjoy it ♥ Happy PPF!!

  6. Happy Birthday and enjoy your class. It sound interesting!! :)

  7. I'm glad to know you and Renee discover your blog!
    I like the work of Flora and I think I will take a workshop with her well. Maybe we'll meet us there!!!!
    I hope my english is good!!
    Good luck for your travel in Paris. I live in Corsica (a small french island) but I know Paris, it's a wonderful town

  8. Hey Renee, Wonderful post about the class and "see" you in class!
    PS I travel to Des Moines a few times a year for work, would love to meet you sometime.

  9. Thanks for coming by ~ Your art course you are taking sounds wonderful! namaste, carol ^_^

  10. She is quite amazing, you will have a ball, can't wait to see what you bring forth from the adventure. xox Corrine

  11. How wonderful! I have only heard rave reviews of her in person classes so I imagine her online will amazing too! Your post has such joy jumping off the page-thanks for a great start to my day!

  12. Lucky you!!!!!! I will have to save up all my Euros for the next course. Have a great time. Can't wait to see your work.......
    Melva Bates

  13. Her work is amazing. I seriously considered that class, but couldn't swing it right now. Looking forward to seeing what you create, and will be on the lookout for her book!

  14. YEH!!! Rock it :-}

    I would like to do this too.



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