Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dreamy Sundays

Perfect Sunday afternoon pick~me~up!
Take a deep breath, exhale and relax.
YOU are awesome!
Have a great week everyone...
and be creative!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

BloomTrue Workshop!

As you most of you know, I'm taking part in Flora Bowley's
 I just love everything I've learned so far about color and
layering and even how to just let go
and make marks without thinking
of the end result!
I'm actually about a week behind but
that's what I can do ...
so that's what I do!
After adding dark and light values, which you can
see here... I added
bright, translucent color washes of
orange, yellow and fushia.  
I was thrilled to
get back to a color scheme I was more comfortable with!
I took a lot of pictures because it will soon be
...covered with the next lesson and the next
layer of paint!  And I really like it how it is now.
But as much as I like how it looks now, that's o.k....
because this painting is just technique~learning marks 
on a canvas and lessons put into practice!  Undoubtedly 
many paintings will follow.
Below is the large piece that these detailed shots came from...
 36"x36" work in progress
And below is what it looked like after week one!
What I've found is that I love the painting more
and more after each lesson.  Knowing that gives me all
the courage I need to let go of this layer and embrace the next!
Thank you for letting me share a little bit of this 
painting journey with you!  As always, I love to 
hear from you and cherish your thoughts!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Paint Party Friday...!

Happy Friday everyone... 
and a special welcome to all of my 
Sneak Peek Friday friends!  You
are deeply appreciated here!
What a busy week
I've had... I only got to paint twice!
But I'm heading to the studio soon, will paint the day away
 and post my Bloom True progress tomorrow, so stay tuned!
{read tomorrows post here!}
All week I've been posting about what inspires me and
asking the same questions of you.  
I posted about inspirations outside, with nature, and about 
the "pops" of color I found inside my home. 

I celebrated another fabulous Birthday...
and posted my 
in case you missed that post, you can read all about it here!
To celebrate my Birthday week 
I'm giving away three original pendant necklaces that I've
{It's not too late to enter!}
My grandmother always told me to 
count my blessings one by one.  This week has
been one of those weeks that I realized over
and over again just how blessed I am!
Thank you ALL for visiting, leaving a comment 
and the fabulous Birthday wishes you've given me!!!
I hope everyone gets to be as creative as they want to be
this weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


What INSPIRES you!
It's clear from my last
INspiRaTIOn iS EvERYwHERe! post that many
artists find inspiration in color.
I do too and absolutely love color!
Going deeper, I decided that what I 
really love is when colors POP...  or stand out!
This is very clear if you enter my home 
and just look around.
I have little pops of color everywhere.
One way to make your colors come alive is to place opposite
colors next to or near each other. The red flower above 
really stands out because it's on top of a green book cover.
The same holds true for this oil painting... the red scarf
really pops because it's painted on a green background.
Another way to get colors to jump out at you is to
add them to a neutral background... like the picture below.
The neutral wall color, the candle holders and
the vintage bling all help the red candle stand out!
One more way to get color to pop is through contrast...
placing lights and darks near each other.
The yellow roses pop because they're surrounded by
darker reds and purples.  The cranberries below pop because
of the lighter gold glass and white candle.
The patterned cups work the same way... with lighter
colors on top of darker colors and vice versa.
Ditto for the stack of books and the titles.
That's just three ways I get color to pop in my home.  
I have found the same principles work in my 
 artwork!  There is actually an 
original abstract painting of mine in one of the photos above
 with the complimentary colors green and red.
Tell me, does your home decor reflect your art style
like mine does? I'd love to hear...
and don't forget, every comment, repost, pin,
etc. counts for my 
Birthday Bash Giveaway which ends Saturday at
midnight central time!
Be inspired and happy creating!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Bash Giveaway!

It's my birthday once again and for some
reason, I love to give presents to others on this day!
 I've learned so much over the past year about art, 
business and myself...  to say I'm grateful would be 
an understatement.  Blessed beyond measure 
would be way more accurate!
And because of this, I want to bless others with
some of my Fuss It Up! creations!
The first necklace (top photo) is a tiny print
of my original mixed media artwork on 
a vintage ivory domino! It represents a heart overflowing
with love, music and happiness.
The second necklace (key) features a vintage 
earring with glitter and the word "happy" in type 
on the front.  It declares to the world that
you've found the key to happiness.
The third piece (above) is a mixed media soldered glass
pendant necklace.  It has original artwork and the word 
"happy" between two pieces of glass, soldered with lead free
solder.  It again declares your happiness to the world!
 My Birthday Bash Giveaway includes all three of these!
Tell me which one is your favorite and why! 
The winners will be chosen according to the number of 
times you enter... and each thing listed below
counts as one entry!
To enter is soooooo easy...
~every new follower counts
~every comment counts
~every share counts
~every Fuss It Up! Facebook comment and "like" counts
~every "pin" on Pinterest counts
~every friend referral counts (those who do any 
of the above 
saying that you sent them)

Everyone has so many chances to win! 
There will also be other randomly chosen gifts and the
giveaway ends Saturday at midnight Central time...
so get busy!  
It's only my Birthday week once a year!
Have a great day and be creative!

Monday, February 20, 2012


What INSPIRES you! 
Since it's the
first day of the week and I have so much to do, I did 
what comes naturally to any creative type. . .
I put off my responsibilities, grabbed my camera
 and went on a walk looking for inspiration!
I stated recently that I get inspired by nature
everyday and today was no exception.  The colors seemed
to PoP everywhere I looked! 
I tried to pin down exactly what inspires me 
so much about nature... and anything, for that matter.
I decided I'm always inspired by patterns. . .
and colors . . .
and contrasting elements. . .
and textures.
And the more of these each thing has, the better!
What inspires YOU most in nature?  
And how
does it show up in your artwork?
Please tell me!  Because it's my birthday week
{and I always celebrate ALL week long!}
every comment I receive this week will be entered into
an end-of-the-week Birthday Bash Giveaway!
Comment now and stay tuned for giveaway details!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Evolution of a Painting

Taking over a white canvas with warm colors . . .
finding shapes . . .
adding cool colors . . .
more warm colors . . .
white highlights . . .
dark contrasts . . .
more to come!
Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bloom True Workshop

I had a fabulous paint day in the studio today!
 I added more cool colors to my 
second assignment
in the Bloom True Workshop by
Flora Bowley and love what happened.
 (first lesson here)
This is what I started with.  The point was not
to think about it but just "play" with my tools 
and some paint!  And that's exactly
what I ended up doing!
Before I realized what I had done, I noticed that I didn't 
leave much of the previous layer!
I just couldn't help myself... the music was on...
the paint was flowing...
and I was lost in the fun!
One friend commented that it looks like an 
underwater scene...
I can definitely see the bubbles in this view!
I love how the surviving warm colors peak through 
just a bit!
And so in one session I went from this... (above)
to this!
And now I'm all set to add another layer of
warm colors before tomorrows lesson!
It's a beautiful sun~shiny day today here in Iowa...
I hope the sun is shining where you are
and that you're happy creating something

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