Saturday, January 21, 2012

Doodles~ Week Three!

Doodles~ Week Three!
Part One...
Part one of Stylized Faces was to create a colorful mixed media

The lesson started by taking a blank piece of Strathmore Series 400
Mixed Media Paper and markers and writing a few words
on the page.  It could be anything... and won't really show in the end.
I wrote CREATE  LIVE  LOVE.  Then several other marks 
with markers was added.
After that I added paint with a brush over the entire surface, using
several similar colors.  Paint and glazing gel was used to 
color over the words without entirely blocking them out.
Everyday items, like bubble wrap, a medicine bottle and a plastic lid
where then used to stamp a complimentary color onto the painting.
I also used the back of a Starbucks coffee sleeve and a handmade
flower stamp to add interest and layers.
This process continued until I added several more layers
and felt the piece was ready for step two...
a stylized face!  That lesson will be on Monday.
Here is my finished piece... ready for next week's part two.
Here are a few close ups of the painting...

Be sure and tune in next week for the second half
of this fabulous Doodles Unleashed Workshop
taught by Traci Bautista and hosted


This week we also got a bonus lesson at the end... hooray!
It was all about free style doodling on paper with india ink
and a brush.
I used a piece of scrap paper, formerly packing paper
with paint from another project.   I took my brush in hand
and just doodled... without thinking or trying to make any
specific shape or word.
I kept my brush moving until the ink ran out and then
I dipped it and doodled again...
until my entire page was filled!
This doodle page will be used next week as collage material for our 
finished mixed media collage stylized face!
Try these techniques and tell me how you liked them...
until then~
Happy Doodling!!!



  1. Simply lovely!!!
    Looks like you are having fun:]
    Thank you for visiting my site, always adore the company.
    I enjoyed my visit here as well.
    You are very talented, indeed!
    Take care.
    I am looking forward to an artful friendship.

  2. Love your mixed media BG! & Doodles! This is a fun class!

  3. I must find some time to start this class. I signed up, but didn't start it yet.... Great job!!

  4. Looks awesome Renee! I really love the india ink doodle! That would make a cool bound journal!


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