Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doodles~ Week Four Complete!

What an amazing and fun workshop!
Finished Piece
Here is my finished piece from
Flower detail
From start to finish this workshop was so much fun 
and I learned new techniques that I'll use often.
Collaged doodle detail
Like adding doodles with gel medium and then painting over them.
Marker word detail
And using transparent markers for a "watermark" effect...
see the word create above in blue?
Fluorescent doodle detail
Using fluorescent paint and markers was also new to me...
but I really like how bright it made things!
Flower detail
This detailed shot of a flower is from the lower right hand 
corner of the finished piece...
I love how all the different layers show thru, don't you!
Face close up
Overall I have to say that taking this workshop was the best way 
to begin my new year!  Traci's techniques and teaching style
has both taught and inspired me in more ways than I can say.
Hope my little blog posts have inspired you too!
Happy painting...

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