Friday, January 13, 2012

Doodles Unleashed Workshop

As many of you know, I'm taking part in a free 
workshop via 
It's a four week class and each week I get to 
learn a new technique from our fabulous instructor,
Traci Bautista!  She leads me, and over 3000 other artists,
on a step by step journey of fun, creative and 
colorful mixed media doodling.  Here's a quick
photo overview, start to finish, of one of my 
pieces from week one.
I started by laying objects onto mixed media
paper. Then I sprayed color over them.
{Keep your eyes on this fleur de lis and watch how it changes throughout this process!}
Layer upon layer of bright colors were added until most of the 
surface was covered.

Removing the stenciled objects was the next step.
And then I continued to add color and marks with
oil pastels, watercolor paints and more acrylic paint.

After everything dried, I doodled with more paint and
a brush...
This time I used deeper colors, continuing until I filled the page.
The final two steps were really india ink, which added definition...
and white-out pen which added dimension!
Voila!  I started five and finished three, and this one is my favorite.  Did
you keep an eye on that fleur de lis shape?  It's still there!
Here are parts of my other two finished pieces...
This is really fun and easy, so give it a try 
and let me know how it goes!
And now, I'm on to week two!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Terrific post, Renee! Your work is exciting and full of energy. Thanks for following Comfort Cottage. I just signed up to follow you too!

  2. Thank you Terri! Have a fabulous day...

  3. I logged into Pinterest and only saw beautiful colors! I thought to myself "Hey, that looks like doodles unleashed..." AND IT WAS! haha, great job! I like that you put all your studio pics, step-by-step photos up. It's so great to know the beginning to end process of art. I really like your outcome, and I can tell you had fun with it.

  4. Thanks! Yes... I love mixed media and bright colors! I also LOVE your name....
    Bad Jones Rising!!! :)

  5. Fantastic piece! Love the depthe of your layers!


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