Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doodles~ Week Four Complete!

What an amazing and fun workshop!
Finished Piece
Here is my finished piece from
Flower detail
From start to finish this workshop was so much fun 
and I learned new techniques that I'll use often.
Collaged doodle detail
Like adding doodles with gel medium and then painting over them.
Marker word detail
And using transparent markers for a "watermark" effect...
see the word create above in blue?
Fluorescent doodle detail
Using fluorescent paint and markers was also new to me...
but I really like how bright it made things!
Flower detail
This detailed shot of a flower is from the lower right hand 
corner of the finished piece...
I love how all the different layers show thru, don't you!
Face close up
Overall I have to say that taking this workshop was the best way 
to begin my new year!  Traci's techniques and teaching style
has both taught and inspired me in more ways than I can say.
Hope my little blog posts have inspired you too!
Happy painting...

Colorful Inspirations!

Here's what's inspiring me today!
Colorful pieces... 
Unopened supplies and almost finished projects...
Heart cut-outs...
 Journal page and stencils...
Flowers and free ~form stitches!
What's inspiring you today?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A new Home!

I'm please to announce that one more of my paintings
has found a new home!  
This mixed media acrylic painting 
measures 48" x 48" and now belongs
to fellow artist Angela Meijer.
Here are "detail shots" of some of my favorite parts!
Below is a patch of heavy bodied acrylic...
the red drips are fluid acrylics.
I love to use stencils in my work, like the one below!
This mark looks like it has wings...
and sometimes there are hidden words!
I know this painting has found a great home where it
will be admired for years to come...
thanks Angela, for helping me spread my artist wings
and fly!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

CuRREntLy WoRKing oN!

Here's to my second week with Paint Party Friday 
This week I've been working on several things all at once!
The most fun has been painting the assignment for
week four of the
free Strathmore Workshop I've been taking...
I'm not quite done with it but will walk you through a quick
step-by-step lesson of what I have so far...(just in case you still 
haven't signed up yourself or don't have time)!
The very first step is just doodling on your surface,
anything at all!  I wrote about the color BLUE because I knew
this piece was going to have a blue background and because I love
it so much!
Several layers of acrylic paint have been applied using  paint, stamps and stencils...
My stencil is a recycled plastic doily and one of my stamps
is the back of a Starbucks coffee sleeve! I added white for variation.
After the blues dried, I stamped my piece with fluorescent 
pink and orange paint using an old medicine bottle and a tiny plastic lid.
I really like how these colors pop on the blue background!
To add flowers, I painted a handmade foam stamp.
I used two colors and two stamps for this layer.
If you look hard enough you can faintly see the doodles 
from the very first step in the center!
Here's a close up of the layers!
The week 4 lesson is about creating a 
stylized face for our mixed media backgrounds.  So here I have
masked one in...
along with some hair.
While that dried, I cut out a few of the doodles from the week three bonus lesson.
Then I painted the doodles bright colors!
And added more details to the face and hair and more colors.
Little by little I worked on adding layers... allowing the colors to dry in between!
More hair and details, etc... and a color wash for the face!
This is how far I got today...
the next step is adding doodles with markers, ink and 
whatever else my artistic eye calls for!
Many of Traci's doodle girls have only one eye so I did that also.
This was really a fun excursion from all of the other things I
currently have on my plate.
I hope you had fun following along and
give it a try yourself!
Happy Painting!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Classes and Workshops!

"Trash to Treasure Mixed Media Class"
Here are some of the classes I'm currently teaching and where!

Classes offered through West Des Moines Community Education: 
LEARNwest Winter/Spring Catalog 2012
LEARNwest Catalog

Trash to Treasure~
Mixed Media Canvas!
Wednesday February 1, 2012
Create a fabulous mixed media collage painting using acrylic 
paint and recycled items like used gift wrap, bubble wrap, 
and even a used coffee cup! This workshop includes 
all the materials, easy step-by-step instructions, and you will leave with a finished piece of artwork ready to hang on the wall! 

 Vintage Photo Pendant Necklace 
Wednesday February 8, 2012
Do you love the look of old photos and all things vintage? 
Now you can learn how to turn
vintage photos into fabulous pendant necklaces in this 
easy to understand, step-by-step workshop! 
You will have fun creating two to three pendants 
using vintage photos, glitter, words, and a tiny 
bit of bling! All supplies are included and 
each student will leave with instructions 
on how to make more necklaces at home.
{for prices and registration to these classes,
click on the picture above or call
(515) 633-5001 to register}

Classes offered through Waukee 
Community Education
Winter/Spring Catalog 2012

FFabulous Key Pendant Necklace
with Vintage Jewelry!

Tuesday February 7, 2012


Learn step-by-step instructions on how to create a fabulous key pendant necklace featuring vintage jewelry! Student will leave class with a completed necklace, instructions and supplies to make more at home! Middle school thru adult students are welcome! 

Mixed Media Collage Painting!
Thursday February 16, 2012
Learn how to create a fabulous mixed media collage
painting using acrylic paint and recycled items
like used gift wrap, bubble wrap and even a 
Starbucks coffee sleeve!  This workshop includes
all the materials, easy step-by-step instructions
and each student will leave with a finished piece
of artwork ready to hang on the wall!  
Middle school thru adult students are welcome!

Pure Silver Charm Workshop!
Thursday March 15, 2012
In this easy step-by-step workshop, you'll
learn how to create a .999% pure silver charm
using Precious Metal Clay.
Each student will leave with 1-2 finished pieces
of heirloom quality pure silver... ready to 
wear on a necklace or bracelet!  Middle school thru adult students are welcome!
Vintage Photo Pendant Necklace
Thursday April 19, 2012
Turn vintage photos into fabulous glass pendants
in this easy step-by-step class.  Each student will
leave with 2-3 finished pieces and the knowledge
to create more at home.  
Middle school thru adult students are welcome!
{for prices and registration to these classes,
click on the picture above or call
 (515) 987-2761 to register}

These are just the classes I' m teaching thru
community education.  Classed & Workshops
offered at Fuss It Up! designs will be listed soon!
For private workshops and/or 
parties please comment on this page
and we'll schedule a time!

MoTaMat... a Happy detour!

Happy Sunday to you all!
"detail of one of my painted shirts"
Today's post is a surprise . . .
even to me!  Here's what's going on:
I was attempting to list upcoming classes 
I'll be teaching on my Fuss It Up! Designs website,
and I took an accidental detour!
I wasn't really paying attention and apparently 
logged in with the wrong email address and password.
Normally, a prompt will appear informing me of the 
mistake and allow me to try again.
But not this time. To my surprise a website opened up
that I had completely forgotten about!!!
It was a blog I began a few years ago under another
company name:
the header looked like!
The first word is a combination of my three
children's names... Monet, Taylor and Matisse.

After only a few months I became so frustrated by the
fact that people could neither say nor remember
my company name that I changed it!
 That's when Fuss It Up! came to be.
Finding this website was crazy!  But
I got one very important thing out of re-reading 
my posts . . .
major encouragement!
If I could have looked into the future and saw "me" today,
I might not believed it!  I'm happy, healthy and fulfilled
in ways I didn't think possible.  And most importantly,
I have confidence in myself and my art and a beautiful plan for the future!
You see, that was started during a time of uncertainly about 
the future and self discovery.  To say I was
"flattened"  by personal events would be the understatement of the century!
I wasn't even sure what my purpose in life was after several,
(another understatement)  really hard years and circumstances.  
I knew I loved art but had no confidence 
in what that meant, if I could become an artist or what to do next. 
 I started that little company, 
unofficially, to explore my strong points, try and find 
other like minded souls and hopefully, make some money
along the way!
Many changes have taken place along this art journey of mine...
and there are several things I  now know  for sure...
I was created to create . . .
I am gifted to encourage others . . .
and I can do anything I set me mind to!
Feel free to explore that website . . .
several of the "dreams" I journaled about
"journal prompt for “The Creative ENTREPRENEUR”  by Lisa Sonora Beam" 
are now a reality and I'm well on my way
 to achieving brand new dreams!!!
So be encouraged . . . sometimes we don't realize
how far we've come until we take a look back,
whether on purpose or by accident!
Have a great day...

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