Monday, October 29, 2012

Trunk Show

Happy end of October art lovers! 

 I just wanted to 
give you all a quick peek at a recent 
trunk show I did last month at 
Ed & Eva's located in Greenfield, Iowa... and extend
a special thank you to Catherine and Denise for helping to  
make it a success!
The drive to Greenfield was filled with fabulous rolling hills, 
quaint little farms and 
huge puffy white clouds.
Surrounded by other original artwork, my colorful works of art 
fit right in and really 
stood out against the newly refinished hard wood floors.
Of course I got to show my latest piece called "dream"...
and got to meet and talk to some pretty amazing people
who all made me feel right at home!

If you're ever in Greenfield, make sure you take a look
at the beautifully restored Opera House located next door!
And then, be sure to pick up some great gifts created by amazing
local artists selling at Ed and Eva's!
And as always...
"Have a great day"!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Paint Party Friday!

Happy Friday to all!
It's been a while since I shared my works in progress 
so today is the day!
The flowers are still in full bloom at my studio...
as are the bright colors!
I'm dreaming bigger then ever...
and am discovering new and exciting things
each day.  I'm working towards a show
to be called
"Indian Summer : In Full Bloom"
that will be finished next month.
Old paintings are getting new life again...
just like the blossoms of an 
"Indian Summer" take the place
of the scorched fields of July
and August!
I've started reading a fabulously philosophical classic 
by Ralph Waldo Trine.
This has been said to be
"one of the best motivational books
ever written." And who doesn't like
to be motivated on to greater things, right?!?
I love it and hope you will too...
I'm hopping back onto the
blog hop filled with
beautiful artwork and artists...
so follow the link and show your love!
Have a happy, inspired weekend...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Chatter~ Magical Color

"...their houses were tucked neatly
beneath the brightest colored flowers...
allowing only shimmering light to pass through...
and dazzle their days with 
magical color..."

{all words and artwork 
protected under copyright...
renee mak 2012}

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

KidS BIRthdAY PARtieS!!!

Did you know...
Fuss It Up! Designs hosts great parties?
Birthdays, special events, girl scouts, 
church groups, reunions, etc.
All ages welcome!!!
Fun, flirty & fabulous!
Parties are twice as fun at Fuss It Up! Designs!  
A paint party includes everything needed for party guests 
to complete a small mixed media collage 
canvas ready to hang on the wall!  
Prices are $35 per guest for 6 or less and 
$30 per guest for 7 or more up to 12.  
Larger parties are $25 per guest with an additional studio fee.  
Parties take about an hour and 
15 minutes... please call for specifics!
Ask about our LARGE SCALE 
"Abstract Acrylic Explosion Workshop"
for 1-2 artists!!!
(pictured below)
or call

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simple Inspirations~ Take Flight

"Let go of your sadness,
give up the fight,
follow your madness
and take flight...
take flight."

~lyric by Seal, musician~
~all artwork by artist Renee Mak...
doodles over prints of original
mixed media collage~

Monday, August 20, 2012

Random Chatter~ World Traveler

World Traveler
by LolaBird
I am a world traveler~
constantly traveling around
the world on a fabulously
colorful road trip of fun.
Mixed media art journaling,
cafe visiting, coffee drinking...
hand made print making,
children jumping, flowers blooming, boots are sparkling
and I am home again!
Resting my wings
sipping my tea...
thinking of traveling~
becoming me!

{an ode to Instagram}

{All artwork protected under copyright laws and 
remain the sole property of artist Renee Mak 2012}

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Chatter~ Cup Cake Parade

Ocean Blue and the Cup Cake Parade
by LolaBird
Ride the wave
the wave of blue
but leave your footprints 
in the sand.
Follow the clouds, follow thru
stay true to your heart,
it knows what to do.
Flow with the pink,
sharp and brite
but leave out the glitter
for your Friday nite.
Use it freely...
without care,
sprinkle a trail on the back stair
so you can find your way home,
in case you're alone.
The cup cake parade might shock you a bit...
but don't worry
keep the candles lit
the frosting and glitter will make you smile
and forget your troubles...
just for a while.

{All artwork protected under copyright laws and
remain the sole property of artist Renee Mak 2012}

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fuss It Up! Kids Line!

Did you know that Fuss It Up! Designs Boutique has plenty 
of fun, flirty & fabulous gift items for kids of all ages?
Not only do we offer great parties, classes 
and workshops... but we're fully stocked for 
every gift giving occasion!
Artist/Owner Renee Mak personally creates each and every item...
including vintage domino pendants...
pure silver pieces...
initial pendants...
bottle cap magnets...
hand painted t-shirts and tank tops...
game piece initial pendants...
 hand bound journals...
more painted t-shirts...
locker magnets...
 decorative paper journals...
 for young or old...
also with plain paper...
tie-died look...
canvas wallets and cards...
more locker magnets...
fussed up room decor...
 tiny glass initial pendants...
art pendants...
more journals and notepads...
 polymer clay pendants, scarfs, painted shirts...

 colored glass tile initial pendants...
 glittery polymer clay...
 initials galore...
 creative prompt art journals...
with inspiration pieces...
hand painted scarfs...
 glass initial pendants...
many different shapes, sizes and colors...
 polymer clay creations...
 glittery peace signs...
 many colors...

 all pendants come with a chain...
 hand mixed colors...

 glitter or vintage look...
vintage story book and comic book characters and 
much, much more.  And each and every item can 
also be created into the perfect art party!
So the next time you're looking for that perfect, one of a kind
gift... think of Fuss It Up! Designs!

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