Monday, December 5, 2011

Rainy Days Painting

I love to paint on rainy days...

Something about a rainy day makes me want to paint.  I love how quiet the
world seems as the rain falls... as if there's nothing to do but stay in
and create on canvas.

To communicate through color... and try new things with paint, crayon and stencils.

To let thoughts and ideas flow out onto the canvas while hiding in plain sight.

Using fabulous found objects, like a vintage doily, to create interest and 
draw the viewer to look closer.

And create small paintings within larger paintings...

These are some of the reasons I love to paint, on rainy days
or any days!

What do you like most about painting...
or rainy days...
or both!

{All photos above are taken from original, in progress mixed media
paintings by artist Renee Mak and are protected by copyright 2011}


  1. very joyful... many feel depressed on rainy days, but I choose to create as well...

  2. You are right... I'm very thankful I don't experience that! ;)
    Thanks for commenting! And happy creating...


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