Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fun at Starbucks!

Hanging out...

If there's one thing I like most about Starbucks, 
it's making memories there with my kids!

Of course that's always easy because my kids are so
"special"... as you can see from the photo above, haha!  
While we always have a great time, we also talk, make plans, dream 
and sometimes even 
do homework.

They entertain me and anyone else who will give them attention.  
Another important thing about our Starbucks time is the time
and attention they get from me!  You can tell how much they love it!

The only thing missing from this photo session is my oldest and leader of the clown pack...
who will join us shortly over her Christmas break from FIDM.  I can hardly wait
for that... my favorite Starbucks time is when we're all together!

We always reconnect and have lots of fun
hanging out at our favorite hangout...

Where do you reconnect with your kids?  I love
comments so don't hesitate to leave a quick note!
Have a fabulous day!!!

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