Monday, December 12, 2011

Blue Mondays

Last week one of my favorite artists, Traci Bautista, had a 
blog post which held the question:
"What is inspiring you today?"
My answer at the time was colored glass, and so today's 
Blue Mondays post is filled with Blue glass and 
hopefully it will inspire you too!
Kobalt Blue Glass Decorative Bowl
I really love blue cut glass...
the way the light hits the angled cuts... 
it makes it sparkle and gives it a life of its own.

Vintage Turquoise Blue Glass Powder Jar
This vintage glass powder jar is adorable 
and can hold so many things...
jewelry, fortunes from inside fortune cookies or
dark chocolate covered coffee beans!
What would it hold for you?
Blue Glass and Silver Cream Dispenser FREE SHIPPING
I imagine that a blue glass and silver creamer 
would look great filled with several of my favorite pens
on my writing desk... if I had a writing desk.
20 Vintage Tin Cut Faceted Royal Blue Glass Beads 8mm
Fabulous blue glass beads are right for any occasion,
especially laundry day... with an old t'shirt, faded
blue jeans and vintage cowboy boots!
Vintage Crownford 2QT Blue Glass Jar - Bless Our House - Made in Italy
This blue glass jar just begs to hold old fashioned
peppermint sticks for creamy hot chocolate sipped
the night before Christmas.
Oooo, I can taste it now!

And so, at the close of this post,
I ask the same of you:
What is inspiring you today?

I love your comments so don't hesitate to
leave one!
Have a fabulously inspired day!!!

{all items in the photos can be found 
on Etsy... just click on the picture and
you'll be there!}


  1. love!!!! inspired by your post right now!!!

  2. Haha... long time no see my friend! Thanks for the comment!


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