Friday, December 9, 2011

Black Friday!

Black Friday Purchase!!

I know, most people ran to the malls and department stores on 
Black Friday... but I had something entirely different in mind.
We've been very fortunate in Iowa this year because the weather
has been great.  However, I know from experience that extreme cold is on
its way!  (And has finally arrived!)

And so, remembering last year and getting snowed in several times,
I wanted to make sure I had a nice studio space to work in when the 
first blizzard hits!  I also wanted to rescue what is left of
my dining room table from any additional glitter and glue from 
future projects!

Armed with hammer, saw and nails, my Thanksgiving guests  
(Dad and step Mom) 
helped me transform my lower level into the perfect snowy day studio!

We lowered the lumber and two counter tops in through the egress
window.  The lighting is made up of extra curtain rods I had laying around,
bungee cords and clip lights!  I can
move them to exactly where I need them the most, depending on
each project.  The window really lets in a lot of natural light, too.

Now the hunt for the perfect area rug is ON!

My sewing machine is calling me to begin yet another
 mixed media project!  My fabulous free Cricut Expression
from ProvoCraft
that I won at The Creative Connection last September,  
also has a better home than my table upstairs.  Plenty of
storage helps me keep it all clutter free in between
projects!  All I can say
now is "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"!!!  

The rest of the wood went to good use as these brand new
storage shelves.  All that's left is to hang some cool fabric and
I have a cozy extra  nook for overnight guests in case all
the other beds are taken!

Maybe someday I'll finish this space with drywall and carpet...
but for now, it's just fabulous for my second studio!!!
Where do you like to create?  Dining room table or
studio... please share!  
And have a fabulously creative day!

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