Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Upcycled Mailing Package How To

Upcycled Mailing Package How To:

Who on your mailing list wouldn't want to get such a
fabulously fussed up package?!?
This how to is quick , easy and fun to do!

1 used shipping box
1 fabulous stamp or stencil
White paint or gesso
Favorite color paint
Matching glitter
Paint brush

First, paint the box/package white.  You can do one or two
coats.  I only use one so that the former life of the 
box shows just a little.
Sometimes, while the white paint is still wet, I draw into it
with the end of my brush.  I create hearts, flowers, swirls or
anything else I feel like drawing.  You can see a little of that 
in the top photo.

After that dries, I take one of my favorite paint colors and stamp or stencil away!
In this case I used Cobalt Teal and a stencil.  I don't worry about
how neat it looks... as you can see by the paint bottle, I'm a messy painter!
After I lift off the stencil, I lay a paper towel down over the work and then
lift it up again.  This creates yet another textural layer on my box.  I 
move the stencil around until I like how it looks, repeating the paper towel step.

Now, before the paint dries, I sprinkle glitter randomly over the wet paint.  Again, 
I don't try and make it "perfectly even"!  

The random patterns and layers all together make it more interesting!  Sometimes
I spray a quick coat of sealer over it but not always. 

You're now ready to pack it up and make someones day!
This little fussed up project is so easy and can be done in so many 
different ways.  Just by adding other colors, textures and markings you have
an original work of art... every time.
Not only does it make the receiver smile, but also all of the postal
handlers along the way!  
How do you recycle/upcycle your mailing packages?  I'd love to hear 
all about it... send pictures too!
And as always...
have a fabulous fussed up day!!!

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  1. Great idea, thanks for taking the time to share it! and I already have the fun stuffs to decorate with :-}

    Would love to have you pop over and say hi to my ceramic animal friends if you have the time.

    HUGS Lorraine


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