Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mixed Media Painting... SOLD!

A few months ago I did a collaborative project called
Project Code Blue, with two other artists.... Abigail Livingood and
Angela Meijer.  It was the brilliance of Abigail that gave us
the theme, the fearlessness of Angela that dared us to 
push ourselves...
and my sense of adventure that got us together in the first place.

The challenge was to create mixed media art that could  somehow,  just by looking at it,  reach out and pull you back from the edge... 
whatever your edge, or "code blue" moment might be.  We created pieces that fit as pages into a beautiful handmade box, printed a small book of our work and showed it all at the Historic Valley Junction Spring Gallery Night 2011.  

Going one step further, I decided to create four 36" x 36" mixed media acrylic paintings 
that I titled "After the Blues".  This was my attempt to express, in a very bright and bold way, the joy and happiness that can be found on the other side of the blues.   These paintings are also a result of pushing through my own artistic inhibitions.  While I blogged privately about most of this, 
I publicly expressed a little bit  here.

In the end, I love how these paintings came out and am inspired by them daily.  The best part about 
doing a series like this is the process in which they unfold and how they evolve into having a life of their own!  I'm pleasantly surprised each time I look at them and discover something new.  I've also taken many pictures of all the color and texture variations and use those in other projects.

All of the photos in this post are of the same painting I refer to as "Great is the Lord"... because of the sheet music collaged into the piece.  I've used parts of this for prints, cards, journals, 
jewelry and much more.

It always gets a great response and I'm happy to tell you it has been sold!  Happy for many reasons but a little sad too.  Something happens when you pour your heart and soul into a painting.  Each one is completely original...  and each one carries everything you put into it.   The attachment grows as the painting does.  But as an artist, letting go is just another part of the process.

So with a bright sunny day on my side, I take the painting out for one last photo shoot before I deliver it.
As always, I discover new favorite spots, colors and textures.  Markings and drips previously unnoticed  appear in the bright sunshine.  Along with the new discoveries comes new ideas for new paintings. 

 Thus the creative cycle continues 
in the life of this happy artist! 

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  1. These new photos are fabulous. Now, the painting will take on a whole new life in it's new home! Heeeheee. Wouldn't you love to be able to hear the conversations that it will inspire, or see the creativity it sparks? It is so fun to relive the process reading this. :-)


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