Friday, November 4, 2011

Fabulous Gift Ideas

Fussed Up and Fabulous
Well the weekend is finally here!  With a crispness in the air
and the gift giving season right around the corner, I've 
been on the lookout for fun flirty and fabulous
gift ideas.
Of course, all of these ideas are going to take something
old, fuss it up, give it new life and be made extra thoughtful
by catering to the special someone who will receive it!


Here is a cute one...
almost everyone I know could use more shelf space.  
So taking a small outdated shelf, painting it up and adding
a few hooks is a great gift idea.  You can, and should,  match
your paint color to the decor of your gift recipient!  
Thrift stores always have ugly little 
shelves ripe for the picking!
Of course, I'd also add some ultra fine glitter to 
catch the light even on a cloudy day!


Here's another great idea...  any old pillow can be recovered
with a theme!  For example, if your person loves all things French
then recover it with a French print fabric.  The same applies to music lovers,
food lovers, and on and on... you get the idea.  Most fabric stores will
sell themed prints but you can always go on a treasure hunt
to find what you're looking for.  Don't forget about "repurposing"
for your fabric... I've seen t-shirts, towels, and other items with
fabulous prints that would look great on a pillow.
Fuss it up even more with fancy tassel trim, paint or sparkly buttons!

Love these!

This last idea is simple but can make a huge impact!  Go to 
the thrift store and grab up a few old silver spoons... or even 
a knife, fork and spoon... giving one of each.  Paint and embellish the utensils
with glass paint, ribbons, wire and anything else
from your leftover art/craft projects and most importantly...
add an encouraging word, saying or scripture verse.
This fabulous and personal wall art is small enough to be hung
anywhere and will cheer up the fortunate owner every single day!
Have a great weekend and don't forget to really
enjoy this gift giving season by making it personal!

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