Monday, November 21, 2011

Blue Mondays

It was so cold when I woke up this morning!
At 19 degrees fahrenheit, the cold hard truth that
winter is on it's way has become shockingly apparent.
So this blue mondays post will be filled with...

blue snowflakes

blue snowflakes!

blue loop snowflakes

I love cookies... and these blue snowflake cookies are just in time for the holidays!

My own Oreo Truffles. Made with white chocolate, blue sugar and snowflakes of course!

Yum...the blue snowflake sprinkles on top of these oreo truffles are making my mouth water!

Now here's a great idea... a blue snowflake wreath.  All that's needed
is a wreath frame, felt snowflakes and a hot glue gun!
With the mercury dropping, I'll really need this
blue snowflake blanket to keep warm!

Speaking of staying warm... I think I'll stay inside today and make 
more of these polymer clay blue snowflake ornaments for the tree!

Do you have a favorite blue snowflake idea?  I'd love to hear form you...
until then, have a beautiful blue Monday!

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