Monday, November 14, 2011

Blue Mondays

I can't believe it's Monday already!
I've been super busy getting ready for a show, the 
and have a lot of new items to show you!  
But that is another post...
this is all about the color blue!  Blue fabric to be exact..
because { drum roll please.........}

the fabric samples I ordered of my "Peace Series" mixed media
paintings came today!

It's hard to believe this is cotton fabric!  I can hardly wait
to start working with it.
Below is one of the original paintings...

and here are some more of the fabric samples...


I'd love to see this sofa with some of my new fabric on it. 

Blue Fabric Mix.

  A fabulous frame with a patchwork of 
fabulous blues!  

Mod Blue Daisy - a vintage 1960's Echo pure silk scarf

I LOVE the blue and the pattern in this vintage fabric
I found on Etsy!  That is my theme for today...

Lingerie Travel Bag in Vintage Blue Fabric

Colored silk can be so vibrant!  This is another vintage
fabric with fabulous blues.

framed fabric in blue

Here's a clever idea!  Frame square of your favorite
fabric... this looks like blue bandanas!  Love the 
rug also...

blue damask fabric

This swatch is stretched a bit but still looks fabulous.  A blue 
and white damask always looks fresh and classic.

in love with this blue fabric

I love this fabric also.

What do you think?  Do you  like how my fabric came out 
as much as I do?  I welcome your comments!

Happy Blue Monday!


  1. love your fabric! great post - loved looking at the others too


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