Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Colorful Claude Monet

  Our  fun travel plans to Paris just wouldn't be complete if we 
didn't stop and visit the home and gardens of 
French Impressionist Claude Monet!

Claude Monet house and gardens. Giverny, France
Both his house and garden are filled with fabulous color!

The blue siting room of Claude Monet in his house of Giverny

 In several of the rooms, the furniture is painted the
same color as the walls.

Claude Monet dining room Giverny

The walls are decorated with his mass collection
of Japanese woodblocks... 231 in total.  They
really inspired him and he love seeing them all
around his house!

Claude Monet Giverny Home Kitchen

I get so inspired by the bright colors and the thought that I have
something in common with this great artist!

Monet s home at Giverny

The garden is also filled with splashes of color everywhere you look!

Such an awesome place!

His own garden, pond and Japanese bridge were the inspiration
for countless paintings.

Claude Monet Giverny Garden
I especially love the Water Lillies...
Water Lilies in Claude Monet's Pond in Giverny

and the paintings he did of them.

monet - water lilliesWater Lilies, Claude MonetClaude Monet - Water Lilies 

I'm so inspired by the artist Caude Monet
and can't wait to see his house, gardens and
pond next September!

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  1. Very nice photos! It makes me want to visit to see it im person.


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