Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mini Note Cards How To

Saturday was a busy day in the studio!  I have so many projects
going on at once, including making more mini note cards.

My dream is that someday my line will be mass produced 
by someone else while I continue to design and create ...
but for now,
I'll make each one by hand!

Several of you have asked me about my cards
and how they're made. So here's a short but sweet tutorial
on what I do.

First I take the pictures or scan my original artwork.
Then I print and proof and reprint and reproof until
the images and colors are right.

After my ordered prints arrive, it's time for assembly.
I hand cut each picture and cut and fold each "card".
Sometimes I use preformed cards and envelopes and sometimes
I choose decorative papers for each batch.
My main paper source is Archivers but I'm always on the 
lookout for cool artsy papers.

My next step is to adhere the print to the card, sign the back (don't forget to include
your copyright) and package it with the price.  Sometimes I include a business card
 with each card but other times I write my web address under my signature.  
That part is up to you...
just make sure it represents you, your work and your brand the best way possible!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial Renee! I'm looking into creating cards too, and I just haven't quite figure out exactly how I want to do them. Thanks for the motivation!
    PS. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. xo


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