Sunday, September 18, 2011

Home again...

Wilbur the Pig Greeting Cards - Set of 4

As many of you know, I just attended The Creative Connection Event ... where creative women and women entrepreneurs came together to connect, share and inspire each other onward and upward!
Creative souls from all over the world converged on the Crowne Plaza in St. Paul, Minnesota and shared in an 
almost tangible, electric energy that will inspire us for weeks to come.

Charlotte's Web   Expect a Miracle   Small Quilt or Nap Mat

When it was over, I packed my Jeep full of fun Market finds, free giveaways and my overstuffed luggage and headed home.  It only took a few minutes to realize the fun was over... at least for another year.

Charlottes Web Soldered Bottle - by Hush Sweet Charlotte

My mind wandered over the new friends I had made, the cards I had collected and the shear talent I had encountered.  I glanced at the cars around me and wondered if these were "my people"... a phrase I heard repeated all weekend by so many who had discovered, perhaps for the first time, the emotional high of finding others who think like they think.  I thought of cars and planes going out in all directions filled with these wonderful, creative people.  

The Spiders Web - An affordable art photography print - Black and White 8x10

The feeling was bittersweet.  It reminded me of the end of Charlotte's Web... when Wilbur had to say goodbye to all the baby spiders he nurtured for so long.  They had to leave and make their own mark on the world.

SALE-Upcycled, Charlotte's Web,  5x7.5 Daily/Travel Journal-100 Pages

The same holds true for this year's event attendees...
we have been nurtured,
sent on our way, 
and now it's time to make our own mark on the world! 

CharlottesWeb Necklace with Book Charm and Metal Spider Charm

***all pictures are from fabulous etsy sellers... just click on each one to shop and support handmade***


  1. I'm still recovering from TCC, what a fabulous weekend I won't ever forget. It was nice to meet you, hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. what a sweet post! love the reference to Charlotte's Web. :)


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