Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Live Painting Experience

I just had my first opportunity
to paint live during the song service
at a Women's Conference.
The Conference was called "Embrace"
and it was held at Heartland Assembly
in Ankeny, Iowa.
My artist friend, Angela Meijer, invited me along
and had it all set up when I arrived.
Before the music began, I thought about what I should paint.

I listened to the music and painted the message I felt led
to paint for the women attending.
It was of love, acceptance, freedom for forgiveness
and overwhelming mercy.
It was fun to do but even more exciting was the
experience watching how the painting
seemed to unveil itself right in front of me...
The painting is 36" x 36" and features a 
winged heart
with the word "forgive" written inside.

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  1. I think your work is amazing and just what the world needs right now! HAPPY and inspiring colors! Thank you for doing what you do!
    Heather from


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