Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gallery Night Sneak Peak Alert!

A mixed media group of artists, three to be exact, will be showing
the outcome of several weeks of work on a book called "Project: Code Blue".
Each artist worked on a series of pages, individually, that were then added to the final collection... or book.  Here is part of a short poem about the project and a "sneak peak" of the artwork from each artist.  Please come view Project: Code Blue in person April 15, 2011 from 5 to 9pm at 
Fuss It Up! Designs... Boutique & Art Studio!!!
Cover Art by Abigail Livingood

 Project: Code Blue
(Part of a short poem by Renee Mak)

Sometimes the end of a project is only the Beginning

"Three  different artists,
working together on one goal,
didn't set out to change the world,
but hoped to help at least one soul!
They shared music, poetry, paints and books...
and learned new techniques
that could change the looks 
of the art they created
for all to see,
in Valley Junction at a little gallery.
Artwork by Angela Meijer
They worked hard together and 
they laughed carefree...
They discovered old fears and
 conquered adversity...
They talked of despairs and
then celebrated each victory.
With apples and chocolate 
and champaign, too...
they discovered new ways
to make it through!

As time for this group drew to an end,
they discovered one truth,
one noticeable trend..."

Artwork by Renee Mak
"Project: Code Blue" book available at Fuss It Up! on  Gallery Night  or after April 15.
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